Hi there and welcome to the Midwest!!

Why hello everybody! I have been dabbling with the idea of starting my own blog for quite some time and finally decided to just go for it. I hope with my blog to talk about the struggles I have overcome to love my body. I have always been self-conscious about how I look, and still struggle with this even today. I feel that this topic is still a large issue in our society and the media does not make it better for the young girls and women out there. We are still being shown that stick thin and big boobs is what the perfect woman looks like. Well I disagree! I also just want a place to share my ideas on working out and talk about my workouts that I do.

I am an avid Crossfitter. I feel so strong and so confident when I am lifting and want nothing more than to be able to help other women feel that way too, no matter what kind of workout you choose to do. It is far better than sitting on the couch all day long, right?!

And, who doesn’t love food?! Well I sure do. I live a Paleo lifestyle, so I hope to share with you guys my thoughts and feelings on Paleo, but more importantly just eating a healthy lifestyle and how to moderate, especially us Midwest chicks, we have to deal with cheese temptations daily! You know us cheeseheads, we are hard core! I also might talk about recipes I have tried from my favorite cookbooks and my own creations that I might come up with!

I hope you all enjoy my thoughts, I can ramble at times, but when you have so much to say and so much passion inside to help out others, it just sort of happens!


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