Good morning everybody! Parts of the Midwest are dealing with the first snow storm of the season, luckily I am not in that area, but my sister is!! Hope Minnesota deals with it all alright!

Every morning during the week my husband and I go to Crossfit at 6am. We have a little group there and we like to think of ourselves as the “Bada$$ Breakfast Club”. Today had lifts in it that are my husband’s weaknesses and I could tell he was frustrated. We talked about the positives and negatives of today and I reminded him that even though they are his weakness, it is such a good thing to work on them. This got me thinking, weaknesses, are they good, bad, or both?

I absolutely loathe pull-ups, even after being in Crossfit for two and a half years, I struggle big time with them. I also have a weakness for sugar. Cookies, brownies, cake, if it has sugar I want to eat it! How do I overcome the urge to just give up and give in on these weaknesses? How do you?

When I feel this urge come on, it can be like WWIII raging in my head, I think at times that it is not worth it and that I am just no good. With food, we can all relate that, “I can work the calories off later”. These responses can wear us down after time. If we continue to say “I am no good”, eventually we just think it is true and avoid that weakness at all costs, we think up excuse after excuse for it. As for food, saying we will burn it off tomorrow, or the next day, well it adds up. The tendency is to just keep putting it off and eventually we again make excuses to justify why we had the sweet. There was this saying I saw on Pinterest one time, “You are not a dog, don’t reward yourself with food”. Think about it. We always center life around food. I did good on an assignment for Grad school, I want that cookie….Might seem harsh, but in reality that is how the pounds get packed on and our confidence drops.

So how can we overcome it?! I like to reward good deeds with time. What do I mean by that you ask? Well, when I have accomplished something, such as studying for a test for school or finishing a paper, I will block off time to DO something fun with my husband, or with my family or friends. It could be going on a hike, taking our dog to the dog park, or going shopping (especially for shoes!!). This gives me something to look forward too instead of just a few minutes of satisfaction and a crash and burn later. When it comes to work out weaknesses, as much as they might frighten me, I like to just take them like taking a bull by the horns. It is scary, but we will never get over that fear if we don’t try. So just keep trying, eventually it will click and then you can reward yourself with a hike or play time with the dogs.

I want to add something to my posts, a word of the day to keep you all thinking throughout the day. So the word of today is: diversity. Mix it up people, do not stick to the same routine everyday. Try something new! Overcome a fear!

Have a wonderful day everybody! Talk to you soon!

encourage    – Courtny


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