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An open mind…

Good morning all! My roast beef that I had cooking in the crock pot yesterday turned out utterly AMAZING!! When I got home, my husband told me he ate almost everything that was left of it, which was over a pound! I hope he knows how happy it makes me when he devours the food I cook for us, then I know it was really good and have to make it again! Today I am making pulled pork…I may have an obsession with my crock pot, but that’s ok.

Speaking of my husband, I do not think we have been on a date since our honeymoon in August. This has got to change. New plan, must take husband out! Maybe we will go see Mockingjay Part 1 and enjoy some movie theater popcorn as a cheat meal, or just get ice cream. My vote is ice cream!

Yesterday it was very windy and rainy and when it get gloomy like that, my depression tends to set it more than any other day. I was working on homework (in my last 4 weeks of Grad school), and I got so fed up with feeling down decided to brave the cold and go workout in our garage. We have created our own garage gym since we are die-hard crossfitters. I tried to hit some big numbers, but realized that just by getting in there and working out I already felt 100x better than I had been feeling. Today, my butt and quads hurt from the front rack lunges I did, used 65# (barbell, not dumbbells). Right now using the stairs tells me it was awful, but it is worth it!

My co-worked enjoyed trying those paleo cookies for her birthday yesterday. TRY THEM, you will not regret it. During swim practice last night she asked me what Paleo was about, I always enjoy sharing how much Paleo has changed my life and my body (here is a good website to learn more: http://www.thepaleodiet.com). In all reality, whether you choose to go Paleo or choose to just “clean up” your life it will impact your life significantly. In Paleo we cut out grains and dairy, many people look at like we are insane, and sure at first I felt the same way, but by eating other foods that contain the minerals and vitamins we need to keep our bones strong I make up for it and I do drink milk, just not dairy milk.

If Paleo is not your thing, try switching up little things at a time. For instance, skim milk, maybe change it to 1% or 2%. Wait….did I just say drink a milk that is not fat free?! Yes, yes I did. I grew up drinking skim milk and as I have grown in my career as a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, I have come to learn that all the good nutrients that milk has gets stripped away in skim milk, but in 1%, 2%, and especially whole milk those nutrients are still present. If you are worried that it will affect your gut or weight, then try in moderation. If it just is not your thing, that’s ok too! At least you tried something new!

Other things to try would be switching up pre-processed snacks, such as those 100 calorie snack bags to eating carrot sticks or celery with peanut butter or even almond butter (highly recommend trying it with almond butter, SOOOO good)! By switching up your snacks you might not feel that urge to snack as often because you are eating REAL food and not sweet, empty calorie food. These veggie snacks are also just as easy to pack on a busy morning, or even prepare the night before!

This leads to the word of the day, open. Be open to new opportunities, be open to suggestions, and open your mind to the world. It sounds cliche, but there are so many people out there, including myself, that are looking to be the support and help that so many need! Try something new and be open! Have a wonderful day everybody!




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