It’s Gameday!


Oh how I love Saturdays! College football is literally the best thing ever, besides college hockey. I am a University of Minnesota alum and our football program has been slowly, but surely improving every year under Coach Jerry Kill. Today was one of our toughest opponents yet this season, (the) Ohio State. We also were ranked #25 on this new ranking system that has been in place for the last 3 or so weeks. So, I was stoked for Gameday!!

Final Score: 31 OSU 24 Minnesota. We did not win, BUT, that is not what I am looking at. My thoughts on our game include: the defense needs to communicate better. There were many plays today where OSU broke free because our guys were not in the right place. The defense also needs to not miss tackle after tackle like they did today (again, missed opportunities). The offense needed just a little bit more “umph” and they made too many stupid mistakes and received penalties because of it. However, there were many good things too: OSU turned the ball over 3 times to our 2. That is a positive in my book. We were able to take advantage of two of those three turnovers and score. WE ONLY LOST BY 7 PTS!! To Ohio State! I’m thinking this was one of their lowest scoring games of the season. I will take it.

I’m sure you guys are wondering what my point is here….well it comes down to just sticking by what you believe in. I stand by my Gophers through thick and thin. Our football program is still building after years of inconsistent coaching and playing. When you believe in something, whether it is football, or in someone you love going through a rough time, or hey, even yourself, you don’t just give up after a loss right or a bad week? No, you stand tall and stand proud because it is just a loss/bad week, not the end of the world. Taking it into other context, if you have a slip up on workouts throughout the week or in your nutrition, it is so easy to give up and just fall back into old habits. Well, taking it back to the Gophers Football, they do not give up and refuse to fall back into the ways the team has seen in the past. So use it as a lesson, when you have a rough week, believe that you can overcome the obstacle and push forward. We need to have setbacks in order to learn! Anything is possible… which is what I was saying when the Gophers tried an on-side kick at the end of the game and OSU got it to the announcer saying, “That was the worst on-side kick I have seen all year”! Thanks announcer for being a jerk about it, but they tried and did not give up, so in your face! (I mean really, was that necessary? LOL, oh well makes for a funny laugh regardless)!

My lovely followers, never give up, push forward and trust yourself that you are capable of anything. Think of your dreams and hopes, and stand by what you believe in your exercise or nutritional needs, only you know what your body is looking for to make it feel awesome on the inside and out! Good luck to all your favorite sports teams this weekend peoples!



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