Oh what a beautiful morning!

Happy Monday all! I’m sure some of us are thinking, “No, it’s Monday, booo”, but it is the beginning of a new week and that means a new week to focus on ourselves and the things we all might need to tweak. Right?

Yesterday the husband I took our dog Oreo to the dog park for the second week in a row and he just loved it.


He made a few friends last week and they were there again yesterday. One of them, her name is Lulu, cute little black and white dog, she kept barking at Oreo and he kept looking at us as if he was saying “Is it ok Mom and Dad?” He played and he ran all carefree again and that truly makes us so happy to see him that way. He is such a good little man!

Today at Crossfit I got back into jerks for the first time in three weeks after injuring myself. I am so happy to say that my shoulder is not bothering me. Little bit rusty on the split jerks today, but my coach told me to widen up my feet and to be faster with my hips on the drive and jerk part of the jerk. I also am working on widen up my grip to create a better “shelf” on my cleans so when I am front squatting, cleaning, etc and my hands are in that front rack position, wider hands equals better stability. I felt good for the most part today and felt confident in my hand placement for the cleans and jerks.

Having said that, like I mentioned last week, I am really happy that I for once did not try to just push through my injury and gave myself the time to recuperate from it. Mentally I am in a better place, and I think physically I think I am too. Last week I mentioned looking in the mirror and finding that one positive thing in how you look today, well it was a big one for me today. I have abs starting to finally show, like the outline of the magical six pack! It takes so much for me to even suggest that my stomach looked good, but this morning it did (and that was after a cheat day yesterday!)

I graduate from Grad school in just shy of 4 weeks and just like before my wedding in August, I am starting to have awful nightmares about my thesis and school in general. For instance, last night, I had a dream that my thesis director told me I had plagiarized my entire thesis and that I was being dropped from the program. I woke up in a cold sweat and was crying after that one. It was awful. First thing I did was to check if my thesis director had emailed me and thankfully he had not. But my gosh it was awful!

This week I plan to share a recipe or two that I plan on trying, so look forward to those, they look really good! Also, a few fun things to share with you all as well.

Word of the day today (this one is for my husband who is always telling me this) is positivity. On Monday’s it can be hard to find the bright side of the day, but just like I did this morning with my abs peeking through, there must be something positive going through your head. It could be that you are finally getting over that cold that has been nagging you for the last few days, it could be that the sun has come out (it is finally shining today here in Milwaukee), or that you started your day off with a killer workout. Just keep the positivity up and it will guide you this week! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and have a great Monday!


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