Tabata is ALWAYS a fun thing!

Second post of the day, just wanted to share this little doozy of a workout with you all.

Tabata is a fun and effective for of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It lasts for four minutes with alternating periods of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. This type of training method works to get the heart rate up and can be a good conditioning method and also good for building muscular endurance. There are tons of apps out there for you smart phone users that will help you with these intervals, I use the Tabata Timer app, it’s great!

So, the workout that you should try is the following:

Tabata #1: alternate between these two exercises for the 8 rounds

Squats (these can be body weight and make sure you use your hips and keep those knees in line with 2nd and 3rd toes)

Lunges (again, body weight, we want these to create 90 degree angles on both front and back leg, drop down into it and keep chest up)

Tabata #2

Push-ups (regular push-ups, or push-ups on knees, modify to your ability)

Tabata #3: alternate between the two exercises


Leg Raises (these are a low ab exercise where you lay on your back and keep the low back on the floor and allow lower abdominals to lift legs up and down)

This is a 12 minute workout people, fast and quick, and for women out there, targets legs, glutes, and abs, three places we are always wanting to tone up! Give it shot and tell me how it felt! I would love to hear how it went!!


One thought on “Tabata is ALWAYS a fun thing!

  1. I love tabata and HIIT workouts! I dread long boring cardio sessions (unless they involve some form of team sport). So I am definitely going to use this sequence on my “I really don’t want to workout today but I also want a cupcake” days haha.


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