The weird things that cats do…

Oh man, that roast I made in the crock pot yesterday, IT WAS AMAZING!!! My house had the best scent in it all day and I barely stand it and anxiously awaited dinner time. My husband texted me while I was at work and told me it put him in a “meat coma” and that he loved it! I love it when he tells me dinner was good, tells me I did good! So please check out that recipe, it is on my recipe page! And if you go to the bottom right side of my home page you will see an Instagram widget, there is a picture of the finished product, so click it!

So, my husband and I have two cats, Buttons and Bosco. Buttons is a black cat with white paws and Bosco is white and orange. Bosco is also fat. Like really fat. His spare tire swings side-to-side when he walks and runs. It is truly hilarious, but we just do not understand how he is so fat with how much he plays and runs around like a complete psycho-maniac. Buttons, well he has a “God-like” complex, therefore, he thinks he rules the house and pretty much poo-poo’s us when we make him upset. But then he always comes back for more love. He is the best cat ever. Anyway, the two of them are really weird. I am sure those of you that have cats understand how weird cats can be. Well, we call their shenanigans kitty shit. They do a lot of it. For instance, two nights ago while I was trying to fall asleep, both of them were running around the living room chasing the lights from cars driving by outside for like an hour. Really guys?! I wonder if they realize that they will never catch the lights….

bosco buttons

Some other things our cats do: Bosco tried to catch the leaves through the window when they were falling off the tree in our backyard. He frequently ran into the window with his head. Yes, you guessed it, he is a genius….. Buttons loves cat nip and we have a few toys that he goes ape over. He loves to roll around and attack them on our bed and always on my side of the bed. He makes funny noises, rolls onto his back, and takes his back paws to it and kills it, usually it is the squirrel toy he does this too. He also has a kitty cigar that he throws around our living room. THAT is by far one of the funniest things he does. Watching him carry this 5″ kitty cigar around the house is as well.

Oh, here is another funny thing for you guys, the fat one and the dog Oreo. Oreo and Buttons they get along fine, however, Bosco torments our dog and Oreo is always uncertain of him. Oreo is an attention hog and so is Bosco. Anytime Oreo wants to snuggle or play, Bosco comes in and gets in the way. At first we thought that Bosco just really wanted to be by Oreo because he loved his “biggest brother”, but now we think he is purposely trying to upset Oreo. So Oreo will freak out if Bosco comes over to snuggle or whatever. Yesterday, however, the cutest thing happened! Bosco was being a lazy fat cat on the couch and Oreo sat down by him. Bosco reached out his kitty paw and touched Oreo’s nose and no one freaked out on the other! SO stinking cute!!!!

Sorry, I love talking about my pets, they are my children right now and they are just so wonderful!

Word for the day, faith. Having faith in ourselves in so important and have faith in others. I know in our society today it can be hard to have faith in others, but have faith in the people in your life. They might just surprise you. Have a wonderful day everybody!



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