Different is NOT a bad thing.

Last night was my second last on-site class for my time in Grad School. I gave a presentation on the Paleo Diet and I thought it went pretty good. The only things standing in my way now are a Case Study take home final, that we should be getting next week and my thesis. I am so anxious and so excited at the same time. For me this graduation is a big deal. I have graduated since high school with my Bachelor’s, however, for undergrad I had already moved home to WI from MN and did not walk for that graduation. So it has been 10.5 years since I have walked across the big stage and handed my diploma. And this is a big one and I am beyond proud of myself. I have never studied this hard in my life, not even in undergrad did I put this much work into homework. I have given up so much to gain so much in my education and that I cannot express enough of how proud I am of me.

So, different, it is not a bad thing. Today our crossfit coach changed up our workout and it was less intense then the rest of the workouts this week, but it was so fun! We got to essentially create our own WOD from the criteria she gave us! Super fun and it was also fun because it was me, the hubby, and one of best friends at the box. So we had a blast!

Exercise Tip:

Change up your workout by adding in some agility work. This is similar to the HIIT Tabata I mentioned last time, but use a ladder, use cones and run fast sprints! Short bursts of energy allow the body to work anaerobically and activates Type 2 muscle fibers that are known to work more for sprint type exercises. Getting these stronger now will even benefit you as you grow older as they are the first muscle we tend to lose mass in as we age (totally learned that in school!).

So give this a shot:

This can be done as a warm-up for 5 minutes or you can do this as a circuit 3-5 times with 2 minutes rest in-between each round.

20 yd sprint

lateral hops for :30 seconds

burpees for :30 seconds

This is a different workout, but that does not mean it is a bad thing! It is fun to work on this stuff too!


Earlier this week I felt that good things were happening, and guess what, they are. One of my high school friends and her husband found out there are having a baby and I cannot express how unbelievably excited I am for them. They are going to be amazing parents!

Today the word of the day is more of a statement: “All progress takes place outside of your comfort zone”. This is beyond true. As I mentioned I have worked so hard in Grad school and it was out of my comfort zone with some of my classes, I knew nothing about the subject matter, but I passed with flying colors because I pushed out of my comfort zone. Apply this to your job, definitely apply it to your exercise regime and your nutrition as this is truly a great way to succeed. Dare to defy yourself people. Have a wonderful everybody!



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