Black Friday!

black friday

Whew, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (which lasted all of what, 18 hours for some of us), my family and I had a nice and quiet one. We usually do two Thanksgivings in one day, but this year my mom had to work leaving my dad alone and I did not like that. So my husband I went there and spent the day with my dad and ate with both my parents. I cooked all the side dishes, which were all Paleo and let me tell you they were good! My mom made stuffing and pea salad (my grandmother’s recipe), and then the turkey. She prepped it, but I cooked it as she had to work. I have never cooked a Turkey before. To see my craziness, check out my Instagram to see me putting the Turkey in the oven, I had way too much fun.

Dinner was good and then we ate pie and it was awesome. My mom makes the best apple pie and pumpkin pie and I always have apple pie on Thanksgiving. SO GOOD. Also enjoyed one of my favorite traditions with my Dad and that is watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart. Oh how I love old classic movies like that! They are truly great movies. That movie might center more around Christmas, but the story itself is of a man who figures out what is most important in life, which is his family and keeping his father’s business going. His town loves him and would do anything for him as he does for them. Sure he gets frustrated not being able to travel like he always wanted, but he lives a wonderful life and makes a difference. So I think that alone makes it a good movie for the holiday season in general.

So, Black Friday….do you think they call it that because we like to wear black to camouflage our over filled bellies from the night before? I thought so, we are all sad because our healthy lifestyles went out the door with one taste of stuffing. Yep….Anyway, my mom and I were at the mall at 4:45am this morning and still got some great deals. It is a tradition of ours to shop on Black Friday, and this year was no different. Macy’s we succeeded, got some awesome stuff at Tevana, Barnes & Noble always is a winner, and of course Bath & Body Works! Kohl’s was a mad house and people were so rude, just be patient, geez! Target, well it has seen better days, very messy, but still had what we were looking for. All in all, we had a long, but good day of shopping and finished up almost everybody!

Since getting home I realized though, I have not had a lot of water and my food intake consisted of a granola bar, a 16oz tea, a blueberry muffin, and a lunchable. Oh my!!! Not good, too much sugar and notice no water (except for the tea)!!!! So I am feeling all bloated and giggly, so I am working on getting that water in. I mentioned how important drinking water was in means of not eating as much, well we need water to stay hydrated obviously, but the more water you drink, the less you will weigh! Typically in a day we will weigh anywhere from 3 to 8 pounds heavier at night than in the morning. We retain water, sodium, etc and if we do not replenish well, you know, we bloat and become dehydrated. However, drinking more water throughout the day will not keep you satisfied, but you will not snack as much because you feel full-ish, you will be able to cleanse your body better and keep the weight down. Crazy right? So drink your water!

Ok, time for some leftovers as I need to eat some REAL food today! Word of the day is mindful. Be mindful of what you eat as we go into the weekend. This means that just because you had a day full of really amazing food, be careful not to over do it now and get off track. Do not let the excuse of the holiday season be the reason to go off track of all the hard work you have put into where you are! So drink water and make good food decisions!!!



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