Workout coma!!

Happy Saturday everybody, hope you are all still enjoying the long holiday weekend with your families!

Last night the husband and I decided we needed to get back into the gym today and get back on track. One of our Crossfit coaches usually does the Invictus Comp training Saturday mornings and well, we love the style of what they do at Invictus and hey, look at their athletes, they do a great job!

Well, it is Saturday and we were up at 5am to be at the gym for a 6am workout. Yes, we are crazy. And the workout….it was crazy too. Started off with a ladder increasing weight every 2 minutes on clean and jerks starting at 65% of 1RM and ending at 90%+. I got to my current 1RM of 140 and was so fatigued I missed the jerk. However, today my squat cleans really felt great! I was dropping faster today and even better was that I was driving my elbows through faster and able to catch the bar better. I also was working on getting a wider grip on my cleans (suggested by one of our coaches) to give myself a better front rack thus more stability etc. So I was not too upset about missing the 140# jerk today, the squat clean was the best it has been at that weight and I am happy about that.

From there we moved onto finding a new 3RM Push Press. Key things I learned here was I need to not let my knees get too far forward on my dip. When this happens, the bar does not travel in a straight line as it should, but travels out and up and the center of gravity is way off. So I went up to a wall with my back to it to feel how to dip better. Doing basic things every once in a while like this is so important as developing bad habits can lead to injury, no matter what form of exercise you do. After doing all the those clean and jerks, I was tired for the push press and only got to 110#, when my 3RM is 115#, just could not keep my core tight enough and was thinking way too hard about dipping properly.

So, if we were not tired by this point, the main workout plain and simply was awful. We had to do 3 sets every 8 minutes over the course of 24 minutes and complete a 1000M row, 10 Muscle Ups, 20 Push Press115/175. I scaled the weights a bit and the MU. Went way to fast on the first 1000M row with a 4:30 and had nothing left in the tank for the pull-ups and ring rows I did in place of the MU. From there the four of us doing this workout just tried to get as much done before the next set. I know my husband managed to get the 10 MU the first round and the second round he got 6 MU on the rings and then struggled so moved to the bar and got 3 bar MU. Third round he stuck to the bar. He is such an inspiration to me. He always works so hard with whatever we do and I love being able to do this with him. We feed off of each other and I know with him there standing beside me, I can do great things.


So, the workout coma, I literally crashed after making my own paleo breakfast sausage for breakfast. I slept for well over an hour or so and finally I am not exhausted. I can tell my shoulders will be sore later, but I am alright with that. This workout was such a great way to get back into the swing of things post-Thanksgiving.

So get back into people, trust me you will feel on top of the world and will be proud of yourself that you can do it!

Word of the day is trust. Trust that you have the will power to not eat the last bit of  pie sitting on the counter from Thursday. Trust that staying on track is not the hardest thing in the world. Have a great weekend!



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