Turkey, all day, everyday…

The only plus side to the left overs from Thanksgiving is not having to cook the last three days. The husband and I have had all of the turkey we were given for lunch and dinner since Friday and I am done with turkey for a while. Yummy, but need to eat other things! Like grass-fed beef…..yummmmmm!!!!!


Today the husband and I went for a morning date, which we laughed about because it shows that we are getting “old”. We have not been to see a movie in close to a year due to me being in school and just being watchful of money with the wedding (which was in August). We went and saw Mockingjay Part 1 and it was good.

So, back story on us actually going to see this…I was anti-all movies like Twilight (still am), Hunger Games, and Divergent because everyone was so crazy about them. I did not understand why everyone went so ape. Then I thought back to how Harry Potter was, which I absolutely love and realized it is the same thing. So, in October the husband and I watched The Hunger Games for the first time and we both really liked it (minus the whole kids killing each other thing). So of course we Red Box’ed Catching Fire and again we both loved it. So we hopped on the Bandwagon and were super excited to see Mockingjay Part 1. Well, it lived up to its hype and now I really cannot wait to see the second part. Also, I am reading the books and let me tell you the books are amazing, so read them! Easy read and they do a good job drawing you into the story!

After the movie today we put up our Christmas tree and the rest of our Christmas decorations and the husband put the lights up outside! Then I skyped with my sister and wrapped some present with her, a little tradition we started last year as we used to wrap presents together growing up. It is little things like that that I miss the most.

I am looking forward to the last month of this year, it has been an overall positive year for me, but it sure has been trying at times. The loss of two family pets, our family dog Beatrice died in May and was 10 years old. She was a Great Dane and 10 is old for them. Then, my sister lost her cat Georgie, he was only 2.5 years old, completely unexpected. I have been unemployed this year and it has been difficult trying to find a job, even now with graduation looming, I do not have anything lined up yet. So, I hope that the month of December will be a good one in being the time where I find my way. Find my way in my career, find my way with still grieving over the loss of loved ones, and find my way to continue to build in my new marriage and in my relationships with my friends. Striving to move forward, even in not the best of times, is what we should focus on.

I also am looking forward to getting into the gym tomorrow, I am just itching to lift some heavy weights! It is such a good addiction to have, the want to feel good after lifting some heavy stuff. Cannot wait and I am hoping to hit some huge PR’s (for me) before the end of the year!

Look for some recipes this week of some of my favorite meals that I love to cook for the husband and myself, as well as more tips to stay on track during the holiday season!

Phrase of the day is “Don’t give in and don’t give up”. So basically, do not give into the excuse of the holidays as why you get off track and don’t give up on yourself. Make the best decisions you possibly can!



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