Patience is a virtue

Good morning everybody, hope you are all doing well! That rib recipe I shared earlier this week, I love how they turn out every single time and they are even better the second day! SO GOOD!!


Yesterday at Crossfit we had toes to bar in our WOD, which I scaled to knees to elbow. These exercises are done on the pull-up bar and require a movement called kipping and I tend to struggle at times with that. Well after hurting my shoulder, yesterday was the first time I have done this movement and I actually found a good rhythm, FINALLY! And I am sore in my lats today and my shoulder is not bothering me, so that makes me happy! Little steps after an injury are so important and patience is honestly a virtue.

Another thing that requires a lot of patience would be the whole thesis process. It was a year ago to the date that I got the go ahead to collect my data for my thesis study and now I am almost ready to defend my thesis. Some who know the process might be thinking, holy crap, how did she get this done so quickly? Well, I am very proactive and did not waste much time inbetween collecting my data and writing the paper. Now, since July I have gone through 5 drafts of the paper itself and I can say I have wanted to throw my computer down the garbage disposal and run it for a while and then chuck it out the window, but that probably is not the best idea. I am right now waiting to hear back from my other committee member if it is good and then we set the date to defend it. The defense includes a 20 minute presentation and then they question me and that is the part I am nervous about. But, I know my study and I am confident in it. Just have to have patience and keep my cool.

Going back to the whole patience thing and coming back from injury. I can be a very stubborn person and when I get hurt all I want to do is get back into my normal workout routine as fast as possible. Well, we all know that healing takes time and especially muscles, they need time to heal and recover especially since we use our muscles all the time. So here are a few pointers on being patient with recovery:

1) Listen to your body. You should be able to know when you are sore and when you are in pain. If it feels sharp and might have a dull throbbing sensation, consider seeing your doctor, but do not ignore it. Your body is telling you something is wrong.

2) If you have an injury, take the time you need to heal. This means, take a few days off of working the area that is injured and rest it up. Ice it or put heat on it, whatever makes it feel better, but take the time it needs.

3) Depending on what either you feel is a good time or what your doctor suggests, introduce your workout back in slowly. If your injured area is an upper body injury, focus on lower body exercises and slowly incorporate back in upper body exercises as to how the injured area feels it can handle the added work. If it hurts then you know not to do that specific exercise. (As a certified personal trainer I have lots of progressions for exercises, so if you have a question on what to do, please ask!!)

4) DO NOT over do it when you have the go ahead to get back into it 100%. Take weights down if need be, it might suck at first because you know you can do more, but better to be sage than sorry!

Have a great day everybody!



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