St. Nick and PR’s

Yes, I am 28 and I still St. Nick, so kill me. We let Oreo open his own gifts and he is such a smart dog. He went right after the dog treat bag and succeeded, but then, then was the new toy. Oreo is so funny when it comes to new toys. He gets a bit defensive because he has to be the first one to squeak the new toy and then he just keeps squeaking it. So funny. He also tends to piddle when he gets new toys out of pure excitement. Today luckily there was no piddle.

The cats really did not give a f*ck about their gifts, they both got treats and yummy wet cat food. They have WAY to many sparkly balls and catnip toys already, so food was a better option. I think they were disappointed.

As for the husband and I, nothing big, some tea from Teavana, St. Nick (me) found this awesome magnet that says, “I only do what the voices in my wife’s head tell her to tell me to do”. Yes, that is the best thing I have ever seen for him, hands down. I was very happy to finally have in my possession “The Polar Express”. I absolutely LOVE that movie. I do not think age makes a difference when watching that movie, anybody can fall in love with the spirit of Christmas and this movie tugs at everybody’s heart strings. Maybe you loved trains as a kid, maybe it was the cookies for Santa, or maybe, just maybe, it is that moment when he hears the bell ring in the middle of the North Pole and truly believes in the magic of Christmas. That is probably my favorite part. I also love the hot chocolate song, which be partly due to them mentioning the word “chocolate”….

The husband and I got up early for the 2nd Saturday in a row to get a workout in and today I got a big PR for myself in the Push Press with 135#. I increased it by 10#. I was super stoked about this as I have been working really hard on my dip and using my hips better for all overhead exercises we do in Crossfit. It felt like it just flew right up, it felt easy almost, so I know that my technique and form work are paying off. The only downside here is, this weight is more than my push jerk weight and that should be more, so I have work to do there.

Here is the push press with one of my favorite female Crossfit athletes Miranda Oldroyd:

This is a great video, and I love that it mentions the dip right away as where people have a tendency to go wrong. The push press is one of my favorite exercises because I am weak in the standard strict press, but when I get to use my legs just a little bit more, I am amazed at how strong I can be. Try adding in the push press in your next workout! If you do workouts at home, use hand weights, and if you have access to a gym with a barbell, try that. Always start light and build up to stay safe and listen to the instruction Miranda offers to do the exercise properly. Also, yes that is Bob from The Biggest Loser.

Think about this phrase this weekend “Don’t give up”. Yesterday I failed on a 190# back squat attempt and was pretty upset as I wanted to hit 200# before the end of the year. But, my husband mentioned a few things to me. We had just been working on power snatches prior to the back squat, so even though I was not doing terribly heavy weight for my snatches, I used the same muscle groups in my lower body as I needed to use for back squat. They were tired, thus ending in being fatigued for a heavy squat. It is what it is and I just cannot give up on still trying to reach that milestone by the end of the year. So whether it is for your workouts, your nutrition, or anything else in your life right now, just do not give up!



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