Bottomless pit of trolls…

Oh man am I hungry today! This morning’s WOD was insane and I knew after I was half way done with it I would be starving all day. I literally want to eat everything in the house right now. This is bad.

We worked on full cleans and front squats today and I really feel that my extension on my pull for cleans and snatches is getting so much better after the last few weeks. I am getting stronger and more confident in my lifting and I am really happy about that. I must say that full cleans are one of my favorite lifts besides split jerks.


Found this picture. LOVE it. And yes, we most likely would, so deal with it.

People really can be harsh in our society today. I say this because all we ever hear about in the news today is negative crap about other people. Why is it so hard to say something positive? Two of my favorite bloggers have recently had to apologize for doing absolutely nothing but be themselves in THEIR OWN BLOGS and the trolls of social media have ruined it for them. Think about this statement for a minute, “Crossfit”. Yes just the one word. What emotion immediately comes to your mind? Is it excitement and the need to go to your Box to workout or was it irritation because you think it is dumb? What about this, “Making recipes in the slow cooker is not my thing”? What do you think of that statement? Does it make you angry that a person who promotes cooking and shares recipes does not like cooking in the crock pot? Or is it just what is and you move on?

People get offended so easily now for no reason at all it seems lately with what others say. When you read things online on blogs it should read as fun and on my page at times a bit sassy and smart-assy, but that is who I am. I am sassy, I can be sarcastic, but what I am the most is a person who loves sharing with other, whether it is a great recipe or on exercise, I love to help. Case in point is, NEVER assume or perceive that something being said in ANYBODY’s blog is meant to make you angry or targeting you specifically or any group specifically. You really have no idea what tone or mood the person writing the post is feeling, and I will gladly assume that my favorite bloggers are not out to target people and that they are clearly just wanting to be there for their followers.

So, having said all that, yes, I am slightly upset right now, but I am sitting her calm and smiling because I feel better. I will say I am not targeting anybody that reads my blog and I think all of you are wonderful people and I do not even know you all. The trolls reside in who knows where, but they need to mind their own business and let us speak our minds. That is what blogs are for, aren’t they?

Rant over.

Word of the day is dedication. Stay dedicated to who you are as one year comes to a close and another beings. Stay dedicated to your work, to your morals, and to every other little thing that yo do! This is your life people, live it well!

OH, on a very positive note, my Minnesota Golden Gophers are playing in our first New Year’s Day Bowl Game since 1962!! I am so stoked!! They are playing Missouri in the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl in Orlando! CAN NOT WAIT!! So Go Gophers and SKI-U-MAH!!!



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