It’s Official!

Good afternoon everybody, it was quite the weekend! On Thursday my aunt and uncle flew out for my Graduation and as a family (me, husband, mom, dad, and aunt and uncle) all went to see A Christmas Carol at The Pabst Theater where my husband works. Friday we had an early family Christmas since my sister was in town for Graduation, and it was a very humorous night. I swear, in my family there is never a dull moment. It was just really funny how the night went as the table needed to be set for 7 and we were short by at least one item (like I had no glasses to drink out of, my sister did not have a little plate for her dinner roll, someone did not have a napkin, etc). My uncle joked that my mom had had enough wine for the evening. Needless to say, lots of laughs were had and it was a great night.

The husband got my two great gifts, I finally got my My Little Pony wrist wraps for Crossfit and let me tell you, they are so bada$$!! I love them. He also got me the book The Supple Leopard and let me tell you, I might have squealed a bit. I am beyond excited to read this and incorporate it with my new clients, yes that’s right new clients! I can finally and officially tell you all I have accepted a position as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor with Orange Shoe Fitness in Whitefish Bay, WI. I am SOOOO excited for this new opportunity and am blessed to be joining this location. Big things are in the works there and I am so happy to be a part of it!

Graduation went well, I was the only one from the Applied Exercise Science program that graduated on Saturday, so I hung out with the Education crowd and they were super nice. It was very overwhelming walking into the field house with the thousands of people that were crammed into it. I was the first Master’s student to walk in and got to hold a sign and everything, so my family got to see me right away! The commencement speaker looked just like Santa Claus and his last name was actually Klaus….ironic right? He was really funny. In the end the ceremony went I thought quickly and by the end I was starving and wanted food.

We went to Harbor House for dinner, which is located right on Lake Michigan next door to Discovery World and has a gorgeous view of The Milwaukee Art Museum, which is a gorgeous building in Milwaukee.

hrbor houe We were lucky enough to have a view of the Art Museum and the husband’s boss, as a gift to me, had paid for all of our appetizers. So that was I think 4 or 5 different plates of food ranging from onion rings (these were super light and so good) to crab cakes. It was all delicious. I tried calamari for the first time and loved it! I was very open to trying new things on Saturday and it felt good (if you know me well, you know that I am not terribly open to change or for new things). I also tried the husband’s crab legs (I do not like crab, but now I might reconsider) and those were super yummy, AND I ordered their Sea Scallops for dinner. These were by far the best scallops I have ever had. They practically melted in your mouth and were served with spaghetti squash (which I love), as well as a truffle sauce and some sort of mashed veggie. I inhaled it, it was the best meal I have had probably since my honeymoon.

When we got home, my sister spent the night at our house and we had a good time and she tried our favorite paleo pancakes from the Paleo Kitchen and she actually liked them! We were very happy about that.

So yesterday, the husband and I spent a large chunk of the day playing our video game Lego Marvel Super Heroes. This game is awesome. I like be The Incredible Hulk because he smashes things and I find it rather therapeutic. Fancy that… And we decided to eat all of the Christmas cookies my aunt gave us as we justified that eating the cookies now would mean the temptation would be out of the house right away. Well let me tell you, they were good, but eating that much sugar really affected me and that was just a short term problem. I felt like crap last night, literally. I got really moody because I wanted to have more sugar, but I resisted. Then this morning when I got up, I was very moody because I was almost feeling like I was going through a withdrawal, it was awful. For me, it was not worth it. It was fun to eat them and enjoy them, but in the end they made me feel awful and I had such awful cravings.

This brings me to how sugar can impact your life. It is a very negative impact too. Here is an article on some negative side effects sugar can have on our bodies, 10 Disturbing Reasons Sugar is Bad. This is just one view, but the point in there is #8, that sugar is highly addictive. Last night, this is exactly how I felt. We have some left over cake in the fridge from my Graduation dinner and after eating all those cookies, my body was craving more and more sugar and when I did not give in, I acted out in my mood. Just because sugar is not labeled as a drug, be careful with its consumption as our bodies will want more and more of it.

The article also suggests that an over consumption of sugar an lead to metabolic disorders such as diabetes, which I learned heavily about in my Bioenergetics class this last semester. Our bodies are becoming more and more resistant to sugar, which is not a good thing and this leads to a “build-up” of sugar within the body and adds to excess weight. If you want to know more, just ask. But be careful people, keep it in moderation!

If any of you are running into the holiday parties for work or have other parties to attend and are having a hard time with will power, just think about how you feel when you over eat or give in and how that feels. Yes, it is hard to overcome it, but you can say no guys, trust me you can.

So phrase of the day, “Just say no”. This is important to remember as the holiday approaches. You have the will power within you, you just need to believe it!



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