6th Time is the charm right?

Hello everybody, hope you are all doing well.

I met with the other member of my thesis committee today and needless to say I am not the happiest of campers today. Have to revise my thesis for the 6th time and I am just beyond frustrated about it. Can I just defend it now, please?! (For the record, I hate presenting in front of small groups of people, but I just want to get it over). So, 6th time is a charm right?!


I filled in for a bootcamp class yesterday morning and it was really fun teaching a class again. They had a great time and I loved the feedback they gave me and hoped to have me again. Here is the workout I had them do, it is simple because it is all body weight, however, you can amp it up if you have the equipment to.

“Bootcamp Workout”

10 rounds for time:

10 walking lunges

10 push-ups OR pull-ups



sit-ups *in-between sets of sit-ups run 100m


Tabata of alternating mt. climbers and Jumping Jacks



sit-ups *in-between sets of sit-ups run 100m


Tabata of air squats or jumping air squats

This really got the heart rate up, and uses many of the larger muscle groups of the body. It is also a good conditioning workout. If you give this a try, give yourself 1-2 minutes of rest in-between each group of exercises (so where it says then, rest there).

On another note, I am looking forward to the New Year. I start my new job tomorrow, so I m very excited about that, however, I am looking forward to what it has in store for the New Year. I am looking forward to helping my good friend plan her wedding, as well as attend at least 3 weddings come summer and fall! I also cannot wait for June as my in-laws and my husband and I are going to Boulder for a week. I CANNOT wait to go hiking and be in Colorado again. It is probably one of my favorite places to be. And hopefully, in 2015 we will be able to figure out more in terms of building a new house. THAT I hope happens sooner than later.

Word of the day, it is a repeat, but I need it today is patience. I need this as I revise my thesis yet again. Have a great day everybody!



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