New job underway!

Hey guys!

I started my new job today and it was a really good day there. I like the people I will be working with, they are really energetic and fun, like me, which is refreshing. The clients I met today were all really nice and happy to meet the new trainer in the house. And, (sorry if this sounds stupid to anybody), I have my first work email! I am not sure why this excites me so much, but I have never had my own email for work before, so it will be nice to keep my work and personal emails separate for once!

On a side note, after having so much sugar over the weekend, it is all I can think about. I mean seriously, this is me right now…


Literally, I can’t control my self today. Just goes to show how addictive sugar is. I regret eating the small amounts I have found today, but I need to just stop. Easier said than done. But I will overcome it.

So, my husband got me Becoming a Supple Leopard and I was reading it last night and let me tell you, for us trainers, or therapists, and various coaches out there, this book is PHENOMENAL!! Ironically enough, it listed a few things that I sadly could relate to every single one in how injury can occur in say someone like me, the average crossfitter. Since I have been not working the last few months and focusing heavily on sitting all day long working on homework and thesis on my computer all day everyday, that is a big strike against me. Another few were lack of proper sleeping habits, and dehydration. Some days I drink more water than others and some days I suck and hardly have any. That is a problem. I sleep pretty bad most of the time, my brain is constantly working (I am very paranoid and have OCD, it happens all the time, the whole let’s keep thinking while we sleep thing). There were a few more things in the list, but these stuck out the most to me.

So why is this important? Well think about it. When we run on little sleep, our body does not feel well rested and we become easily fatigued. Again, why is that a big deal? Because, it is! No, seriously though, when our body is already fatigued from lack of sleep, it will not respond the way it normally would if it was working off of the best night sleep you have ever had, thus leading to your joints and muscles being more susceptible to injury.

What about sitting all day? This is SO common with so many people because a large chunk of jobs require you to sit at a desk on a computer all day long. When you stand up your hips might feel awful and your low back most likely hurts. When we sit like we probably all are right now, it negatively impacts the rest of our movements we make in other parts of our body. When your hip flexors get tight, it can cause pain in your quads, glutes, and even low back. Slouching shoulders also can give us problems, in our necks and cause imbalances in our shoulder musculature. So, key here is, get up as often as you can, walk around, stretch, just get your body moving!

I hope you guys have a great day! Talk to you all soon!



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