Christmas Eve Eve :)

Yes, the title is redundant, but ever since I was little I have always loved Christmas Eve and the night before Christmas Eve my anxiousness is through the roof!! I guess it is just you know that the next two days are spent with your loved ones and it gets so exciting….there I go again, so excited for Christmas!


I have noticed on Facebook the last week or so, all these bloggers and other people posting articles and tips about how to make it through the holidays and not go completely off track and ruin the work you have done all year. I had a post like this prior to Thanksgiving, but Christmas is a bit different in my opinion. So here are my suggestions that I give my training clients at Christmas time!

1) Drink lots of water prior to your family gatherings. I have said before that drinking more water will help fill your stomach up a bit so you go to the table a tiny bit full already and therefore avoid overeating.

2) There will be lots of goodies to eat. These are very tempting, enjoy one from each plate, that is alright, however, spread the goodies out over the course of time before dinner. That way you can “enjoy” the goodies and not over eat them.

3) Ask the person who is hosting Christmas and see what is on the menu!! This is not a rude thing to do, so don’t think that. By asking you can prepare ahead of time and figure out how much you can have of each thing, or if you have to ask if you can bring a dish to share (that way if you snack before dinner, you can eat your dish as it might be healthier)!

4) Same thing as with Thanksgiving, at the dinner table, take a small portion the first time around of all the dishes on the table. Whichever ones you like the most you can take seconds of!

5) Do not eat dessert right after dinner. Give yourself time to digest dinner. By stuffing your face with pie or cookies right after is just going to make you feel sick and a better chance of actually eating more soon after. Your body will tell you when it is ready and when it is done, so listen to it!

6) Do allow yourself to have fun, you DO have the willpower to control yourself, so give in a little bit, but do not let the holidays be your reason you fell off the wagon!



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