The definition of frustration is the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

Right now at this very minute I am beyond this point and quite honestly I do not know how to fix the situation.

Two different people are telling me to do two separate things their way and I have up until this point. But now, it is a conflict of interest between the two people and I wonder why they are not both saying the same thing. Why does one say “this is great!”, while the other is saying “you are doing this all wrong, do it again”?

Please, someone elaborate.

Ok, sorry, just had to get that out.

It was a crazy busy week last week with Christmas wasn’t it?! We had 4 out of 5 Christmas celebrations and all were very fun, but I am fooded out. And dare I say it, sugared out. Luckily the husband and I were able to still get in 4 workouts last week, including our first “12 Days of Fitness” on Christmas Eve. It was hard, but completely worth it. I finished mine in just over 65 minutes…yes, let that sink in…. I earned my food and sugar that night. 🙂

I met a lot of my husband’s side of the family last week that I have not had the chance to meet yet and I must say my new family is wonderful. All of them. I am very blessed to have them in my life. I look forward to all the memories we shall make as a family!

So that shrimp recipe I shared last week from Joyful by Danielle Walker, AMAZING!!!! I think the four of us ate them in a span of 5 minutes. The combination of sweet from the apricots and the heat from the chili powder and cayenne pepper made for a very delectable snack! I absolutely recommend that recipe. It was perfect for a football game snack and super easy to make. The left over glaze I have been using on leftover chicken from last week and let me tell you it is good on chicken as well!!!! Picture how you stuff your face with your favorite food, that was me yesterday with my chicken and that glaze. Case in point, try it, eat it, enjoy it!

This week I hope to post more on how to set goals instead of resolutions for the New Year. I like goals instead of resolutions as a goal can be for any time of year and resolutions focus more on the first few weeks of the New Year and then are forgotten about. I will also share more recipes and exercise tips and tricks as the week winds down. It will be a bit crazy again, but I will make the time. Love sharing my thoughts and ideas with everybody!

Having said that, word of the day today is breathe. I am going to take my own advice here due to my frustrations right now and just breathe. I can be frustrated, but in the end I just need to focus on what I am doing right and move beyond the ones that are upsetting me. If you are in that same boat, let’s do that together. Whatever is bringing us down…we are bigger than that or them. We are stronger, so let’s move past it.

Have a great day everybody!



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