First post of 2015!

I cannot believe that it is 2015. Everyone says as we get older time appears to move faster, well I agree, it sure does. For me it is also hard to believe that my husband and I have been married for 5 months already and that I graduated from Grad school almost a month ago.

I also am beyond frustrated with the final proceedings of my thesis but I am stronger now and will not let it bring me down anymore. It is not worth the time or the effort or the stress it has caused me.

I am also finally (not a good finally) coming down with something. I do not think it is the flu like everyone else, however, I believe it is something upper respiratory related. I have the fever and the chills and achy body, but what is driving me up the wall is the tightness in my chest. This tightness I always get before I get bronchitis, so I am hoping and praying that I can nip it in the butt and not get that. When I get bronchitis it is usually followed up simultaneously by a sinus infection or strep, so I would prefer to get over it now.

For New Year’s the husband and I went to see comedian Jim Gaffigan. I was a bit leary as I am not a fan of comedians, but we met him and his wife prior to the show and let me tell you, he is the nicest guy. And funny. I mean that is a given right? Not necessarily, but he was naturally funny. I liked the show, it was great. I would absolutely go see him again. At the end of the show balloons were dropped to signify that it was midnight and I was so happy to have my hubby there to kiss! Our first New Year together! (ok, sappiness is done).

Since the Friday after Christmas I have been pretty busy at work. It has been really fun and educational and all the clients are great. For once I can honestly say I enjoy going to work (trust me, it has been a LONG time since I have said that). I think what is unique about my new job is that it is one-on-one personal training, but there are also small group sessions and classes. I have always loved teaching classes, so I thrive on that. And, we get to have the clients perform different workouts each time they come in instead of sticking to the same program for weeks on end. We still follow a certain format, but get to vary it up to keep them interested. I like that a lot.

So the new job and the new year, really can’t complain. I believe I mentioned some exercise tips and recipes earlier…when I can think clearly and breath again, I am back at it. But for now, I am going to sleep and hope that I get better asap! If any of you are under the weather, sleep, drink up, and feel better too!!

Word of the day: rest! Some times resting is the best thing ever!



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