Know Your Limits


The jist of my post is simple today. Know your limits.

Yesterday I went back to the gym thinking after a week of being sick, I would be ok to go. At first (like the first 5 minutes) I felt fine, but once I started getting into the workout my body had red flags going up left and right. I chose to ignore them because I have been feeling fat and wanted to workout. On the strength portion of the workout yesterday I dropped to my knees and my heart was beating, yet I just figured I am out of shape, it’s ok. Took a few minutes and then got back up and continued to workout. Then I passed out…

I have never had that happen before. I did not listen to my body yesterday even though I knew something did not feel right. I wanted to be tough and badass and it resulted in my blacking out for a few seconds and crying at Crossfit. How embarrassing is that?

Long story short, know what your limits are, your body is very good at telling you them, so recognize the warning signs. Here are a few that can relate to anybody in any situation:

1) Clamminess. Your skin starts to feel moist and warm to cold in temperature.

2) Increase in heart rate. Might feel like your heart is trying to pound out of your chest and also might feel/sound like a drum in your ears and leads too…

3) Increasing breathing rate. You might notice you are breathing at a faster rate and that your breath is shallow instead of being deep like a normal inhalation.

4) Seeing spots. If you are starting to see spots, yeah, not a good thing. Take a seat.

5) Dizziness. If the room is spinning, stop what you are doing and sit down.

6) Nausea. Tummy upset because you are dizzy, then again, take a seat and focus on your breathing. If it gets worse, head to a bathroom or the nearest garbage can and try to vomit. Yes, try to as it might help make that feeling go away.

Just a few, but these symptoms can happen whether it is related to exercising, dehydration, fatigue, and even stress. So listen to your body and if the warnings are going off, stop what you are doing and take care of yourself. Your health is far more important than any other circumstance.



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