“All about that Bass”


After my embarrassing moment in CrossFit Wednesday, I rested another day yesterday and went back at it today hoping that I would be better and luckily I was. I used my inhaler today and took my time when I got winded, but I made it through. I took my advice and focused more on my safety then trying to be a badass after being sick. The badassery will come back, but my safety is what is important.

So, the other day, I was having a conversation with my mom and she was asking how to tone and firm up her glutes. I said two things, squats and lunges. I am a firm believer that squats do a booty good, so I love to do them and have my clients do them as well. And what is even better are all the variations of squats you can do.


There are many different ways to do squats, like the first picture, a typical body weight squat (depicted as a parallel squat in the picture). Your feet should be about shoulder width apart and when you squat down, you only go to parallel with the depth of the squat.

squat-280x300 Here is a simple pic to help with form.

Then there is the plie squat. This squat is one of my favorites to do with my clients as not only does it work the quadriceps and glutes, but now you are using your vastus medialis (inner thigh) and vastus lateralis (outer thigh). Women love focusing on these areas because we tend to hold fat in these areas (part of which is essential fat), but we are constantly working to not have our thighs rub together and get rid of those unsightly cellulite dimples. I like to do plie squats with the bosu, however, an idea I used from my mentor when I first started training. By adding in the bosu now you are adding in an elevation aspect that activates muscles down into the calf area, such as your gastrocnemius and soleus. It is important when using the bosu in your plie squats it is important to make sure you place your feet in a width that feels comfortable for you. So if it is narrower or wider than someone else that is ok, it is what feels best with your range of motion and your joints. Key points to remember, is to treat it just like a normal squat, keep chest up and knees behind toes.

Single Leg squats or pistols in the CrossFit world, are an advanced exercise that you should only do with a trainer or if you know you have the ability to perform them. I have had just a small handful of clients do these types of squats, but never without some form of stability near them, such as the TRX handles to hold onto for counter balance or a bench to touch down too. The hard part about these squats is many people do not have the strength needed in the ankle or the balance to do these. So we see knees buckle in or the non-working foot touch the ground too much. So, these are good, but avoid if not able to work with a trainer on this one. And besides, there are so many other options out there that keep both feet on the floor!


Another picture showing proper form. Picture one shows the person with her knees over her toes and her shoulders rounded forward, which brings her chest down. In picture 2 she has her heels on plates to simulate a deficit-like squat. As you can see her knees are behind her toes more and her quads are parallel to the ground AND her chest is up. It is important on squats to keep your heels planted when you squat up too, and keeping your core tight and back flat will help protect your low back as well.

So other types of squats, there are goblet squats, split squats, Bulgarian split squats, front squats, back squats, jump squats, box squats….I feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump when he lists off all the ways to cook or eat shrimp. Needless to say there are so many ways to do squats. I also mentioned lunges are another way to tone and firm that booty. For lunges it is very important to make sure that when you lunge to have 90 degree angles on both front and back legs. Do NOT swing into the lunge, drop down and then push up through those heels. Also, again stay tall through your torso and keep you core tight! Different types include: front lunges, back lunges, side/lateral lunges, or crossover lunges.

Alright, so that gives you some great ideas on how to get that booty ready for summer time, right?! As a former coworker of mine said with me, “Grow booty grow!” With these exercises it will!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me!



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