Conquering Fears

Hey guys! Been a busy last few days with work and hopefully finalizing my thesis (I use that lightly), and getting back into the gym. I hope your butts are sore from working on all those squats too!

So, remember the post where I mentioned I was working on conquering my fear of climbing the rope at CrossFit? Well today I conquered it. I was petrified to even try today as I had nightmares all night about it, but I did it anyway. If you let your fear stand in the way of accomplishing a task or goal you have been working hard for you will never take that one step forward, you just take 3 steps back.


The workout I did today involved working on rope climbs and I started on the short 12′ rope and eventually I climbed that twice. Then I thought to myself, “Court, just try the big rope and see what happens, you have nothing to lose”. So I did and I reached the top. My husband was at the bottom to help me down as that is the actual fear, coming back down from that height of around 18′. I did pretty good, however I realized that I hold onto the rope very tightly with my feet and to come down you need to use your feet to guide the way otherwise you will ruin your hands. About half way down, I attempted to loosen my feet and alas could not get them back around the rope and proceeded to just jump down the rest of the way. In the end, I was stoke and still am stoked that I finally conquered that fear.

Do you have a fear that you want to conquer in one form or another? Heights are one of my worst, besides my fear of spiders. We won’t go there, I will never get over that. Ew. They are gross. But, think of something that scares you. Have you ever done anything before even though it involved that fear and then you backed out because it consumed you? Think about it. Ok, have it now? Now, listen to this.

This fear you have, it might all-consuming, but who is the stronger person or thing in this fear? The answer is you, but our minds like to bully us around and tell us, “no, that is not happening ever. You are too scared.” But, in your heart it is saying, “I am scared, but I want to TRY and see if I can do it”. You become curious and you begin to try. You might get scared, frustrated, or even anxious about getting it right or not getting right, however, YOU are ultimately in control of which path you take from there. If you take the path of least resistance, it might take longer to get over that fear. If you take the path that makes you work, chances are you will succeed and then think of how awesome that is going to feel. You are going to smile….a lot! You are going to feel empowered. You are going to talk about it and maybe, just maybe you will make an impact on someone else who wants to overcome a fear. All it takes is some motivation and encouragement.

So, no matter how big of fear or how small, think about it, is this something you know you can overcome. If yes, then go for it, I support you all the way and would love to hear about it and talk about it with you. If it is something like a fear of spiders or as bad as my fear of heights is, maybe it needs to be worked with longer and maybe it won’t happen at all, but never doubt you are incapable of anything. You are in total of control of your limits, so reach out and go for it!

So this brings me to the phrase of the day, use it to kick start your week…”GO FOR IT”. Want to start a new lifestyle change, go for it. Want to learn how to run better to do your first race, go for it. Want to just feel better inside and out, then freaking GO FOR IT! You are your only road block, so do not be the reason you do not eat better, lose weight, not workout, etc. Just go for it!

Here is a video from my workout today. I was working on Power Cleans and Squat Cleans. This was 115#, which is a relatively light working weight for me. Key in this video is that I kept my feet in place on the power cleans and for the squat clean I could definitely drop sooner so I am not pulling so high. My left foot rotated out really weird too, so just have to work on keeping it in place more. (click the link!)

Clean Work

Have a great Sunday everybody!



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