Karma…is she a b!tch or not?


Hello everybody! Hope your Hump Day is going alright. Mine has been pretty low key, but has had some big plus sides to it as well.

I got to talk to my twin sister today, last time we “talked” was New Year’s Eve and I left her hanging and felt awful because she needed me to talk with her. In my defense, I was in the basement of a theater meeting Jim Gaffigan, I had no signal!! I’m hoping to Skype with her tonight (she lives in MN and I live in WI), it would be wonderful to see her that way. She has a few things coming up that she is nervous about, but they are exciting things, so send some good vibes her way in MN please!!

I also got some word from my thesis committee that my 7th draft is solid and thus I have been given the go ahead to send back to my thesis director and hopefully we can get this defense done ASAP. Of course, he is out of town till Tuesday, so the chances of it happening next week are close to none, BUT the fact that we are finally here is a huge relief for me.

I went to Target today as we needed a few things from there and my husband told me to get myself something. Well I tried, but did not succeed. I really wanted some new boots and they were on sale today, so of course I got excited. Well, I have one problem when it comes to boots….my calves are too darn big!! Seriously, what the heck calves?! These super cute boots would be perfect for my wardrobe, but no, you are too muscular from years of being a swimmer, a band geek, and now from Crossfit. In retrospect though, I would rather have muscular and toned calves instead of chicken legs, so those super cute boots where just not meant to be today.


Ok, now onto the topic of today. Karma. Karma can be defined as the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences (definition from Google). Why do I bring this up? Well some things over the last few months that have occurred could relate back to karma, but I feel just from what I have been observing as of late that karma keeps coming back in good and bad ways for people. I am a firm believer in the idea that our actions can come back to bite us in the butt or they can come back and reward us.

A good example of this could be the two accidents I saw coming home from work the other day. Sometimes when traffic and weather are bad at the same time and that bastard driving like a moron zooms past you, you might think to yourself, I hope X happens to them they deserve it. That could be getting pulled over by the police or ending up in the ditch. Well, on Saturday that happened twice. One of the accidents involved a sedan and a pick-up truck. The sedan was in such a hurry and did not use a blinker at all. I knew something was going to happen and sure enough it did…he ran right into and underneath a large pick-up truck. When you drive like an idiot bad things happen, it is karma coming back to haunt you.

The same thing can occur when you are working towards your New Year’s GOALS (remember, I do not like the term resolutions). If you give into the cookies or cupcakes at work, your guilt will get the best of you (KARMA…) and you are going to feel so bad. This feeling might lead you to a fork in the road. Some people have a difficult time and go down the path that leads them further off course, while others take it as it is and realize that they made a poor decision. These feelings can be Karma sneaking up on you. The point is though, Karma does not always have to be a bad thing. Karma can be good if you let it be. So if you make a mistake, think about all possible outcomes and do not let the bad karma consume you. Let the good karma help you.

Also, for the record, no matter where you live, drive safe, don’t be a dumbass!!


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