Cleaning, Thor, and Food Prep!

Happy Monday all! What a weekend it was. On Saturday at work it was a crazy busy day, including the biggest classes I have taught there since starting and of the New Year, the energy in the room was electric! By the time I got home I was pooped, so took a little nap with all three of my pets on the couch. Pets are funny, when you have been gone all day all they want to do is be directly by your side for everything you do the rest of the day. Our dog, Oreo, usually takes his spot by my feet, our older cat Buttons usually lays in my lap or right behind my knees, and our younger cat Bosco, will go by my shins. So basically I am unable to move, but if they are happy, I am happy and I got major snuggles and we all slept for a bit.

The husband and I were to lazy to cook Saturday night, so went to our Co-op and got a chicken, sweet potato salad, and kombucha for dinner. It was delicious. We then proceeded to watch Thor: The Dark World. It is a good movie and Chris Hemsworth looks so nice in his costume. Le sigh.


Yesterday however was a busy day. We got up early to go look at the lots that we have found to find the area when we want to build our dream house. We checked out a few different areas and to be honest, we got very excited to very disappointed. The area we liked the most left us the most disappointed as their was no signage stating the two lots we were interested in were already sold. I know, I know, it was not meant to be, but everything about these lots was perfect and we could actually picture ourselves living there and starting our family there in a few years. I’m still slightly sad about it, but our lot is out there somewhere and it will be perfect for us and our future children.

The husband and I also went to our crossfit box yesterday and did a tough little workout. We worked on snatches and overhead squats, muscle-ups, KB snatches, pistols, and hollow rocks. I felt like my overhead squats were the best they have felt and my progressions to getting muscle-ups is coming along nicely. Today at crossfit of course was more overhead squats and full cleans. I focused more on the cleans as my shoulders were just shot from yesterday. I managed to hit a new PR for my full clean at 150#!!! I have been chasing this number for the last few months, but when I injured myself in October, I had to slow down and back off for a bit. It felt really good, but I do need to work more on doing pause front squats as that is the weakest part of my full clean.

Last night after dinner, the husband and I got all of our food prepping done for the week. He has to prep more food than I do as I work in the evenings and he works normal hours. Anyway, prepping our food together is a great time to spend time together and talk and just have fun as the weekend winds down. It also gets us ready to eat clean and eat well throughout the week. It usually takes us about an hour and a half to get all the food prepped for the week, which is not long at all, so it can fit into anybody’s schedule, no excuses!

We make egg & bacon cupcakes, a sweet potato hash, and breakfast sausages for the two of us to eat throughout the week. I usually eat the sausage post WOD, the husband will have the egg & bacon cupcakes and white rice post WOD and then the sweet potato hash (which also has apples and ground beef) for lunch. After we cook everything we separate all of our foods into containers and store in the fridge for easy access and fast lunch packing in the morning.

Prepping your food at the beginning of the week really ensures that you have all your meals and snacks planned out for the week, will save you time if you are in a rush in the mornings before work, but again, will ensure that you are eating good and healthy food choices for each meal of the day! So long story short, instead of watching hours on end of TV Sunday night, DVR that stuff and prep your food! Your shows will be there in the end!


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