Recap of the weekend


Hey guys!

Hope you all had a great weekend, mine was far too short, but made the best of the free time I did have.

First of all, on Friday I had my thesis defense and I passed! It is still a shock to me that it is finally over and I did it. At first I was petrified that I had done a sub-par job as my presentation was interrupted by a class even though we had the room booked for two hours. So I had to rush through the last 8 slides of my presentation and it completely threw me off. The second portion of Q & A went much better, but then I had to sit and wait to find out what the result was. My committee came and told me I passed and received an A on the paper. This means that I will graduate with Honors from Concordia University. Understanding this whole concept makes me insanely proud of myself. I sacrificed a lot over the last 2 years in order to be successful in school and it all paid off. Now I cannot wait to get my diploma to hang up on the wall!

Yesterday the husband and I drove around and looked at more lots and found a few more in the city I grew up in. We have a nice list started, pro’s and con’s for all lots found thus far, so we are anxiously awaiting the moment we find out how much our house will cost to build and from there we will figure out where we are going to move. It is tough because some places have no restrictions which is great for us as we really want to build our dream home, while other places the taxes might become too high once the house is assessed or they have stupid rules that state your roof square footage can be such and such square feet. Really builders? You are worried about roof size? Wow….

This week I am looking forward to enjoying my down time before it all gets crazy again with work. I am also planning on experimenting in the kitchen some more, as that to me is a great way to de-stress. So look for a recipe this week and I will throw in some tips on good methods to use when you need to de-stress. Hope you all have a great Monday!



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