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Learn to love your weaknesses, they are there to help you!


Hey everybody, what a crazy week it has been this week! Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and the half way point of February. Are you kidding me?!?! This week one of my best friends celebrated her birthday (she is on the left):


With our crazy schedules we were unable to get together this week, but are heading the Milwaukee Public Museum on Sunday and I am really excited! It has been at least 5 years since I have been there and she has not bee to MPM yet since she moved to WI! It is a fun museum, so I am looking forward to spending the afternoon with here in a place that I love!

I am still trying to adjust to my new work schedule, and still working to make a new workout routine schedule happen, but every day is one step closer, right? I have had a few little accomplishments this week at Crossfit. We have been working on weakness work after each WOD and this month is dips. Over the summer I worked relentlessly to build up my shoulder strength and it went well. Well, on Wednesday and today I was able to do close to a full depth dip on our dip rack at the gym. I also have been able to do full depth paralette push-ups (on my toes) for the first time. I just decided to try them and busted out 8 of them! They are hard for me as my right shoulder wants to give out, but because I have worked hard on the little things it is starting to pay off.

Sometimes I wonder why it is the little things like dips, double unders, and pull-ups are the first thing newbies check off their list when they join Crossfit and yet almost 3 years later I am now just starting to get them. I have an old shoulder injury that I believe affects me, however, when it comes to lifts I excel at overhead things, so I have the strength for that but not for body weight exercises?!?! How does that work out?

I love Crossfit, but I do not intend to ever be a big time competitor. I Crossfit because it has given me a sense of confidence I never had before when working out and has helped me get into the best shape of my life. It is ok with me that I am not able to do everything, even 3 years after starting. I am starting to think that when I finally do get dips, double unders, and pull-ups it will be that much sweeter to me. With all the modified exercises we have to sub in for the exercises we are unable to do, we still get a great workout from it and are continuing to build the strength in those muscles.

Having said that, what has helped you get to that place where you feel most confident when you workout? Was it that yoga class you took a few years back that completely changed your life? Do you go religiously now and strive to hit those super tough looking poses? Was it that kickboxing class or zumba class offered at your gym that made you feel awesome in your skin? Was it the time you decided you wanted to run your first 5K and trained for it and finished it? There must be something that keeps you going. Sure, each of these comes with its down days, but you look forward to it no matter what right?

My best advice is never give up on your weaknesses in whatever it  is that you do for your workouts. The fact that you are doing something to stay active/lose weight/build muscle/improve flexibility/etc is a huge step forward compared to some. Do not let those days get you down, just use them as a dose of reality and learn from it. We need to have those days to humble us again. I mean I want to feel like a badass every day, but when I struggle one day I feel that someone someplace is telling me to slow down and listen to what my body is telling me. So take that time to reflect on how to get better without killing yourself.

OK, short and sweet for today. I promise to post more next week!!



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