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Kicking off a new week!

Hey everybody!

Hope you all had a great weekend, mine was pretty good. Very busy with work, which is going fantastic so far. My husband stopped by on Saturday to surprise me with roses for Valentine’s Day and all the clients fawned over him, it was so cute! After I got home we went to the WI State Fair Grounds for a Home Expo Show and had a lot of fun gathering ideas for when we figure out how we want to decorate our new home when we get to that part. Later on that night we went out to dinner with my parents and then to see Alton Brown, the famous chef from The Food Network. None of us knew just how the show was going to go, but needless to say it was great and he is really talented in more ways than just cooking.

On Sunday I got to hang out with one of my best friends and we got all cultural at the Milwaukee Public Museum. We had a great time catching up and talking about all the things the museum had to offer. After we left we got cupcakes to celebrate her birthday and watched a movie. Truly a fun day!

This morning I definitely had a case of the Monday’s and that is what I want to discuss today. As a trainer we are the person our clients come to when they are struggling to stay on task. The accountability we provide them is sometimes the one thing they crave in order to come in and get their workout in for the day. This morning while I was getting ready for work I even told my husband that I did not even want to work out today, but I still packed my gym bag and got my pre and post workout shaker bottles ready if for some reason I changed my mind.

When I was at work just seeing and hearing how my clients felt after the weekend workouts and how their workouts went this morning I knew that I had to go in and do the same thing. And I did. And it was a tough WOD, BUT I killed it today. I have mentioned before how important having a support system is no matter what you are trying to accomplish, even if you are the trainer!

Find someone who is encouraging, someone who is enthusiastic about what you are doing even if they are not doing it themselves. This person should be an optimistic person too, not pessimistic as they have a tendency to be on the negative side of things more often than not. Talk with this person often and be supportive of each other as the energy built between you will resonate and will drive both of you to achieve great things.

My person is usually my husband. He is truly an inspiration to me everyday. He has my back no matter what I tell him I want to accomplish, especially when I wanted to go back to school to get my Master’s…now I have completed that and he (along with my parents) was my driving force. When it comes to Crossfit too, he always encouraging me to take that extra step to move beyond what I am capable of to what I can be capable of. Even though he was not there with me today at Crossfit, his words were and I hit a 115# Full Snatch, almost had 120# for a 10# PR from just over a month ago! I also had to do a crap ton of snatches and I was able to get 58 snatches in 10 mins (20 @ 45#, 20 @ 65#, and 18 @ 85#). Those were the RX weights. It was tough. But I could hear him cheering me on inside my head and it kept me going.


Point is guys, find someone who will be your cheerleader and hold you accountable. It can be your spouse, your sibling, your parent(s), a friend, coworker, etc! Just make that connection and I promise you, whatever it is you are working to achieve will happen because you surrounded yourself with the right people!

Alright, enough for today. Stay motivated guys, it is getting into that time of year when our “resolutions” are wearing off and spring break goals are lingering in our heads, but we just don’t know yet how to set them into action. Like I have said before, just get started today, don’t wait!



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