Smile, it’s Monday!

Good afternoon everybody, hope your weekend was joyful and full of fun activities.

Mine was ok, but only had Sunday really to go crazy, but it was worth it. We hit up the Chicago Auto Show with some friends and it did not disappoint. We absolutely had our opinions are certain cars and the people watching was out of this world. I just wish for certain car areas (Maserati) that they did not let kids come up and run around like hooligans getting their icky, sticky hands all over the $150K cars…(sorry, I love kids, but it got really annoying when I wanted to go sit in the driver’s seat of a Maserati Ghibli and could not because little kids were playing in the car…) Rant over. There were some absolutely beautiful cars there, a few of my favorites of the day included:

Lexus RCF


It was in this gorgeous blue color as well. No one else in my group liked it, but I LOVED it! I like how sporty it looks and the lines of the car are sexy. I did not get to sit in this car, but I am happy to say I sat in my first Lexus yesterday. Don’t judge, it was exciting for me!

Audi R8 V10 BiTurbo


I L….O….V….E the Audi R8. It does not matter to me what year it is, this car blows me away. And it was in this blue color. Blue must be in for sexy cars this year.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT

Mercedes-AMG GT (C 190) 2014

I had never seen this particular Benz before and I really liked the look of it. Again, it is a sportier looking car and it was super shiny and I love shiny things.

Subaru WRX


Even though this car usually only comes in manual, I am considering it as my next car as it is AWD and looks great. And it was in the blue again!

Now, time for my ultimate favorite car of the day. This car was at least $1.5 Million more than any other car at the show. This car is not a car you will see at all here in Milwaukee, let alone in Chicago (maybe, but doubt it), and this car is custom made to order. It is an absolutely gorgeous car. Any ideas what it is yet?

Well here it is….

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse


Isn’t she amazing?! It was in this color as well, blue (go figure right?!) and the dark blue was a woven carbon fiber and just breathtaking. I kept telling my group I could hear it calling my name and when I saw it I about peed my pants out of pure excitement. I know right, what a nerd. Yes, yes I am. I wish I could have sat in it and did talk to the security guard about it and he laughed and said he couldn’t even open the car if he wanted to. This car is a lot bigger than it looks too, very wide in the front and the back, oh man, the back of this car is incredible! There was a lot going on (no, I do not the actual terms, I just like to look at how pretty cars are, my husband could give you the full run down of it though!).


See the back, crazy!!

OK, so yes, the car show was fun. Onto other things.

We all find different uses for God. Without going into details, regardless if you know me or, can I ask you to pray to whichever God you believe in for me, my family, and my best friend’s family? We need it right now and I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. Maybe you know someone too who needs a prayer today, I will send one up for them as well. It is the least we can do for our loved ones no matter what your beliefs are. I thank you in advance.

Alright, I know today was a bit random, look for a recipe tomorrow from one of my favorite blogger’s. I hope you have a lovely Monday!

Word of the day today is smile. If you are feeling blue today, just remember to put a smile on your face. Do so by thinking of that one thing that always makes you smile. It might be your loved ones, your pets, or your friends. Just smile, it will make you feel ten times better! It’s a proven Courtny fact! 🙂



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