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Fishtailing and Brussell Sprouts

Ok, I did just write that title in there didn’t I….I hope I have snagged your curiosity now! **Evil Laugh**

It snowed last night, no surprise there as it is Wisconsin, but apparently (as always) everyone is freaking out again because this white stuff is scary and makes driving horrific. My car is a great car with crappy tires, so driving in the snow is not something I look forward too, but I just have to give myself time and go slow. This morning on my way to work that is exactly what I did and still had issues. I camped out in the right lane as it was the most clear, but there was this one even more cautious driver who started to annoy me. I got around them, and it was smooth (figuratively, not literally) sailing till my off ramp. I was maybe going 28 MPH and started to fishtail. I got nervous and almost freaked out and was screaming in my head if I crash just happen, but I was able to get control of my car and went like 10 MPH the rest of the off ramp. It was so slick with slush and a fresh blanket of snow on top of that that you had no idea how bad it really was until you went sliding through it. I wish they had plowed that sucker, but all in all I did not crash and my car had fun sliding around this morning.

I have been dealing with a fever all week and today is the first day I have not had one. I am getting anxious to lift again as I have not touched my barbell since Friday and have not done a full workout since Saturday as I gt winded very quickly and start to wheeze. It is seriously the pits. I did not have the regular body aches you get with fevers and feel fine otherwise, so it baffles me as to what is actually wrong with me. Damn it, I want to lift some heavy weights!!! (I know right, crossfit problems 101 right here…)

Anyway, I have been working on my secret project and developed another recipe for it (just gave you all a hint!) and let me tell you it was delicious and it was…..wait for it…..brussell sprouts!

You know what is really ironic about that statement above, the fact that I just started enjoying brussell sprouts within the last 8 months. Yes, I hated brussell sprouts growing up and then I decided to try them last year sometime and they are like my favorite veggie now. I think my favorite thing about them is that they look like little brains (lmao, try eating them now if you think that image is gross). You have to remember that I am an anatomy and physiology nerd, so the human body and the parts of it fascinate me. So check out this brussell sprout…

close-up of fresh brussels sprout, isolated

See, little brain.

I bet you did not know that these little mini cabbages are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin B! It also is high in folic acid, which is important for pregnant women to take in during pregnancy. Brussell sprouts even are being researched right now for anticancer agents (that is a good thing). Some important factors to take into consideration when eating brussell sprouts is that if eaten in large consumption by someone with who has heart problems taking anticoagulants, taking in too much vitamin K can actually cause the blood to clot and that is not a good thing.

I usually like to boil my brussell sprouts as I love the bright, rich green color they turn while cooking them, but I do also like to saute them in the cast iron skillet to bring out a more smoky flavor. Use your favorite fat (so butter, coconut oil, ghee, or EVOO) and saute those little babies to your heart’s content.

I just think it is crazy that I hated these veggies with a passion growing up and now I want to eat them as much as I can because they are just so yummy! Do you have a veggie that you do not like but just tried because you sucked it up and ate them anyway? Think about it, probably felt pretty weird, but exciting right?! Yeah, it did.

By the way, this is how I used to view brussell sprouts:


Grr, evil brussell sprouts.

Alrighty folks, hope you enjoyed my post for today. Try a new veggie this week, you might be surprised how your tastes have changed!


**sources for my info today came from the internet, mainly Wikipedia**


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