Reflecting on the week…

Hey everybody! I’m getting ready for bed on this first night of March (yes it is 8:45pm…yes I know it’s early, but who cares, I have to be up early to work in the morning). This past week sure was a doozy in both good and bad ways. The only bad was being “sick”. I use quotes as I felt fine with the exception of the fever I kept getting and the complete and utter fatigue I was experiencing. It sucked and I was drained of all energy. BUT! The positives outweighed that negative. I worked a lot and that is a good thing as we are getting busier and busier every week, which means more clients to train and which means we are doing a good job! The three of us at my location must be doing something right and that makes me very happy.

On Friday after being at work all morning I went to my CrossFit box for the first time in a week (remember that sick thing?) and did Open WOD 15.1. Dealing with getting winded very quickly did hinder my performance a bit, but to be completely honest with you I am not looking to beat the other girls out there, I am just looking at the fact that I can snatch 75# consistently and efficiently now. Two years ago during the Open, one of the WOD’s had snatches at 75# and I could not do a single one. So this WOD (15.1) was easy, but the toes to bar killed me. My weakness got me and I was doing singles at the end. It was pathetic, but it was RX, so I took that to heart too. I finished 90 reps (which some might laugh at, but I was happy with that) and then it was time for the clean and jerk part. After a week of not lifting anything I was able to clean and jerk 140#. This was not a PR for me, but was only off by 5# or so, so that is not too bad!

After I was done with my workout I felt like death and my hands, oh my poor hands, had to literally pry them open with a crow bar they were so stiff! Ok, I am exaggerating a bit, but I did have to slowly open them…

The rest of the weekend consisted of more work Saturday morning followed by an afternoon with my husband. On Friday during one of my classes the topic of Mexican food came up and I wanted to eat said Mexican food. So on Saturday we did and it was good. REALLY GOOD!!! Then we went looking at lots hoping to get a better idea as to where we might want to move to once we are ready to build our new house. Even passed by some of our best friends while in New Berlin, super hilarious story right there! We hit up our local co-op which we are finally owners in now (yay!!) and did our grocery shopping and I ran into a dear friend and former client of mine and she got to meet the husband finally. When we got home we ate dinner, watched Jaws and fell asleep by 7pm. Yep, we are crazy people on the weekends.

Today we got to workout together and did a “fun” little chipper from CrossFit Invictus. Then we hit up Target and got a new vacuum that is a hard floor cleaner as well and did some spring cleaning when we got home. For the record, the floors were GROSS!! šŸ™‚

So why am I sharing with you all these details, well, I am working hard to live in the moment and I tried hard this weekend to just focus on today and not worry about a week from now or a month from now. I am such a worry-wort at times that I never live in the moment and needless to say I miss out on things. I don’t want to be that way forever. So reflecting back on this week helps me realize all the good things that can happen on any given day. It makes me smile.


So, this week, if you are like me and worry about the unknown, try to one day at a time to not do so and think of the positives that happened during the day. Even if it is just one thing in a day full of disaster, focus on that because it probably made you smile and that feeling with trump the bad.

This week, I am going to focus more on stretching and mobility as today I am suffering from a lot of soreness and am making it my goal to add more of both of these into my daily routine to help make my body healthier! Have a great week everybody!



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