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Are Carbs good or bad?

Good morning all!

**This post originally was my views on yoga and somehow my computer saved it but did not save it? Not sure how that works. I shared a new version of that post and is now on my blog. Sometimes technology is the pits!! Thank you for the overwhelming response to the original, and hope I still nailed it with the second one!**

Sort of bummed right now as my low back has misbehaving since Sunday and forced me to take an unwanted rest day. But, I do know that if I do no take care of my body that will not do either.

So just over the last few days at work, at CrossFit, and across social media I have heard, read, and seen SO much talk about carbohydrates. Are they bad or are they good? The answer is yes and no. Wait…say what? Yes, that’s right they are both good and bad for you. So let’s talk about carbohydrates from my Paleo point of view.

One of my favorite Paleo bloggers, Diane Sanfilippo and author of Practical Paleo, and The 21- Day Sugar Detox books. She is super fun and brings her background in nutrition to the table in all of her posts and books. She posted a few years back about nutrient dense carbohydrates that Paleo peeps should be eating, but I do believe that she (and I) would want anybody to view this list as great and healthy sources of carbohydrates.

This list and post are fantastic as she provides not just a list of carbs, but the nutritional values of each veggie which I think is important as most people think of pasta and breads as the only carbohydrates for us to eat. Veggies get forgotten. I’m sure I am hitting a controversial topic with this, but carbo loading on breads and pastas before any sort of big race can be very hard on the body as the body cannot physically handle that amount of carbohydrate and the sugar that comes along with them and thus might actually hinder performance the next day at your race. This is why they can be bad, but also consider the fact that pastas and breads are so processed now that they become even harder for our digestive tract to break them down. However, I would imagine if you keep it in moderation and add in more veggies and protein to your pre-race meal you could feel awesome out there and full of energy!

veggies sp

I am a huge fan of sweet potatoes, beets, winter squash, white potatoes, and butternut and spaghetti squashes myself and tend to have these with most meals, including snacks and sometimes breakfast. During the spring, summer, and fall here in Wisconsin I will grow my own squash and also purchase squash and fresh beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes at the local Farmer’s Market. Let me tell you, if you have never been to a Farmer’s Market, GO! You can get so much for so little and you are helping out local farmers. What else is better than that?! Ok, that is a discussion for another post though. Back to business, carbs. I do have to plan out my carb intake carefully as for me if I take in too much at one time, my tummy has a hard time, so finding the right balance of them and knowing when my body needs them most is essential to my diet.

I usually will have some sort of carb after a really heavy duty workout and at lunch that same day, and then go a little lighter in the evening for dinner. On days when the workout did not leave me feeling like jello just have veggies at lunch and dinner. Maybe some as a snack as well as I will eat carrots or sweet potato chips when I am craving something crunchy. It helps me curve the cravings for something worse.

So my advice to you is be open to carbo loading in a more healthy way, even if it means only cutting out one processed carb at a time. Try it, see how your tummy feels afterwards. If you like it keep going, if not, hey you tried something new and it was not for you, no big deal!

Have a great day everyone!



One thought on “Are Carbs good or bad?

  1. I loved your post! Coming from a yogi, I did not feel offended at all throughout your blog. Yoga is very beneficial indeed. I suffer from scoliosis, and this hobby or lifestyle of mine has changed it all. With no medical attention my back pain was relieved. One of my favorite thing about yoga is that it’s not draining, it’s actually energizing. After a mile or two of a jog, yoga boosts me up! Try it, and let us know how it goes. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! Namaste 🙂

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