There are a LOT of birthdays in March…

Hey all, hope your week is going well! Something crazy is going on here in WI. IT IS WARM OUTSIDE!! Now when I saw warm I mean like 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Some of you might think, that is not cold, but us Midwesterners are going looney for this weather and will enjoy every ounce of it.


Today is my husband’s birthday and it has been a relaxing day so far. He got some new carbon fiber stuff for his car (from myself), so he has been busy playing with that. He is such a boy. But I love him.

It also appears that a lot of people I know have birthdays this month as well. I had this conversation with a client earlier this week and came to a conclusion….people like to get busy at the summer solstice. Yes, I just went there and you are totally laughing right now. But, face it, March has a lot of birthdays! Look at your Facebook upcoming birthdays, you know I am right!!

Anyway, I made a new recipe this week that was unbelievably delicious (it was chicken), and have had far too much sweet treats this week as sugar has been calling my name all week! I regret some of it, but otherwise I don’t. I eat so well 98% of the time, that this sugar won’t kill me, but I am at least able to realize I went overboard this week and need to cut back.

Tomorrow is a big day for the husband and I as we have a meeting with a builder to see if we can build our house now or if we need to wait a little bit longer to save up more money. We have a really good start on that already, but we do not want to be broke right away, that would be dumb. So wish us luck!

Words of wisdom as it starts to warm up outside (for some of us): be safe if you go out for runs. There might still be icy patches, slippery patches, and dumbass drivers out there, so be aware of your surroundings. Stretch before you run or workout outside. The temperature change will affect how your muscles will feel while exercising, so make sure to warm up them up even though it is getting warming out, they need to have proper blood flow! Drink water! You know why!!

OK, have a great rest of the weekend all!



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