I am beautiful.

Look at the title of this post. Those three words are extremely hard for me to say and even more hard for me to believe. I know at times they are very true, whether it is external beauty or internal beauty. But, 80% of the time what I see in the mirror I have a hard time believing to be what is considered beautiful. It’s tough, we see what the media has brainwashed us to believe is real beauty.

Candice Swanepoel for Victoria's Secret Swim 2013                      model

These women are absolutely gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. They are thin and have large breasts. Any man’s dream.

Now look at these models.

plussize2                     plussize3

Quite the difference right? These women are also gorgeous with large breasts, but they are not what we would depict as thin. These are plus size models. I find it annoying that we have to label them as plus size to be considered models. They are models nonetheless so why can’t we just call them models?

So what is my point? The top two pictures are what I essentially grew up with my entire life. I never saw models that looked like the bottom two pictures until recently. I grew up thinking I needed to have DD breasts and a 24′ waist because in all of my teeny magazines ALL the girls looked like that.

The other day I was bored and decided to look at pictures of myself on Facebook. I looked at my profile pictures as I know that I would only post a profile picture that was the most flattering angle and made me look good, nothing embarrassing or as we have termed it “Facebook quality”. So, these are some of the pictures I discovered….


This photo is beautiful.


This photo is beautiful.


This one is too.

me4 Wait, this one is not suggestive, but shows inner beauty of my twin sister and I.me5 Another, not suggestive picture, but a photo of a proud mother and her two daughters.

me6And, a proud husband of his wife. The beauty of love shines in this photo.

I’m not sure why at times it is difficult for me to see the beauty that I hold. I do not understand why everyday I look in the mirror and argue with myself about the size of my belly and if it is flat or not. I wish I had an answer for you. But what I can say is looking back at my profile pictures and then at the rest of my pictures on Facebook is that I live a beautiful life and have been a beautiful person, both inside and out. I may not look like any of the models above, but I do not need to. I am me. And my beauty is unique to who I am. Do you have the same body image disorder that I do? If yes, look back at your life pictures and really take a nice long, hard look at who you are. Look at your smile, look at your eyes, these two places alone will tell you just how beautiful you are. Also, look in the mirror and even if it is one small thing each day, find something you like. It can be as simple as your biceps looking good or even a healthier glow to your complexion, but find one thing and go from there. Do not let the media depict what beauty is, that will only destroy you and follow you for the rest of your life. Do this for yourself. I am.


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