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The Power of Love

Over this last week, and specifically this weekend I have seen just how much the power of love can impact how you feel in any given situation.

With the death of a family member, a cousin of my mom’s who I knew, but not that well, yesterday my parents and I went to the funeral and the love in the room for him was bursting at the seams. He had made such an impact on all these people and they wanted to be there to give that love back to him, but more importantly show his wife and his son and his siblings that he was so loved and always will be even when he is no longer here with us. Tears were shed in sadness, but there were also tears of joy from the memories that were shared. In a weird way, these tears and the love in the room helped just a little bit in easing the pain. That pain may never go away, but it will subside and with the love and support by so many, well it is a good feeling to have.

On Saturday I went to one of my oldest friends from middle and high school baby shower. When I saw her and her husband they were both glowing and it instantly made me smile. This baby is a miracle baby for them, one of those instances where they had tried for so long and were not able to get pregnant. Then it just happened. Their little boy is already so loved by them and he is not quite here yet. Then add in all the people they have met over the years and their families, this baby is so loved! The shower itself was so wonderful with fun activities and of course getting to see the mommy-to-be opening up the gifts for baby. I have been to showers before, but none that had so many beautifully hand crafted gifts. My friend received so many beautiful hand made blankets, they will have plenty to keep the baby warm! One of the gifts was also a scrapbook of pictures from grade school, middle school, and high school to show the baby that mom was cool back in the day too! The amount of love put into these gifts was remarkable. I hope my friend feels this power of love as I did or maybe even more so because it’s there and always will be.

Over the last week I have also been “sister sick”, it’s similar to being home sick. Tomorrow is the anniversary of her and her husband having to lay to rest their first fur child Georgie. He was very ill. Being twins we do get that telepathic type sense at times and right now I know she misses him and misses home and I feel it. When I miss my sister I listen to all of my boy band cd’s (especially the Backstreet Boys) and remember all the crazy times we had growing up together. When we were kids and teenagers we would listen to these cd’s for hours on end and sing and dance around our room and imagining what it would be like to meet our favorite bands. Gosh, just writing this makes me teary eyed. My sister and I are so close, she literally is my other half. The amount of love we share for each other is so strong and we are always, always going to be there for each other and support each other till the end. So yeah, I’m sister sick.

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I have also experienced the power of love through friendship with the tough decision I am trying to make that I mentioned last week. Last week and yesterday numerous friends of mine reached out to me to tell me that no matter what I decide to do it has to be for me and me alone. They said do not worry about others, they are secondary, you have to focus on you. And they are right. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but my feelings already have been hurt and does not seem to be an issue for these individuals. These friends of mine that talked to me made me feel loved again and apart of what I am searching for, which is community and even as far as family. So if any of these people are reading this right now, thank you for caring and taking the time to tell me do what is right for me and to give the focus needed to do what I want to do. I love you all so much.

Alright, my thought for the day is, take the time to look at the world around you to see how the power of love is everywhere, even in the smallest of ways. Maybe it is the person helping the elderly person with their grocery bags or the new mom holding her precious baby cooing to them while at the store to calm them down. Or maybe it is your cat showing their affection by snuggling with you on the couch like mine is as I type this. We know how cats are sometimes, not terribly affectionate. But when they show you their love do not take it for granted, its special.

Have a great week all.



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