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Baseball Season is here!!

I love the start of baseball season, to me it feels like Spring if officially here and of course baseball is America’s favorite past-time. Having said that, I am envious of people across the country right now that are already tailgating and enjoying a “day off”, I want to go to Opening Day, have not done that since 2007 I believe with my sister. There is something so electric about Opening Day that fuels your fire for the rest of baseball season! Gosh, I love baseball!!


It was another busy week last week. Every day it gets busier and that means I am making even more of an impact on my clients and able to help them in one way or another. We have had quite a few new people come in and then we are seeing people come back in that have been sick for the last few weeks. Now I have caught whatever sickness has been going around too, so that stinks, but it is important these days to rest and recover when sick.

The strains of the flu and even these head colds and upper respiratory illnesses that have been going around since last fall have been some of the worst I can remember in my 28 years. I hear these stories from my clients that they literally are sick for a week or two and then recover slightly just to catch something else the following week. That is just the pits. I mean seriously the pits.

I have a few helpful tips for you all if you are a gym goer, crossfitter, yoga person, etc that might help keep you healthy when we encounter our sick friends or fellow gym goers.

1) DO NOT SHARE WATER BOTTLES. Sometimes we forget to bring a water bottle and think nothing of it and ask our friends to take a sip of water real quick. They say sure, and (cue JAWS music now) we take that sip and might spread germs or catch germs. If you need water, find the nearest bubbler (drinking fountain for you non-WI people) and drink it there.

2) Bring your own towel to wipe sweat or equipment. Some places offer towels and if so that’s great, but lots of gyms do not have towels for their members to use during their workouts. Towels come in handy as you can wipe sweat or sometimes drool (think about it, maybe you had your mouth open and spit came out, it happens), off of the equipment you used or off yourself. Sweat does not normally act as germ contaminate, but it is also just hygienic to clean up after yourself. Lots of people don’t and I just plain and simply do not trust that they wiped things down and who knows what they did while using it. Coughed, sneezed, drooled, etc. GROSS!

3) Sanitize. It is common to see hand sanitizer jugs around gyms now and also wipes. Use them if you are already sick as then it is at least killing many of the germs that you have and won’t leave all of them on the equipment used. Pretty self-explanatory. Again, common courtesy and hygiene.

4) REST. If you are so sick that you have a pile of used kleenex next to you, red puffy nose, vaporub, etc near by, then maybe you shouldn’t be going to workout. Even if it means you do not meet your quota of workouts for the week, the last thing you need to do is weaken your immune system even more than it already is. You need to rest and let you body fight off whatever is making you sick. Give yourself some time. The gym will be there, and your health comes first.

Just a few tips, but as we approach summer many people focus so heavily on getting in shape and will ignore their body when sick. Be kind to your body and listen to what it says….and listen to your doctor!

Have a great Monday everybody! Stay healthy!



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