April Showers bring….

It’s Spring in WI officially because we had our first thunderstorm last night. Now many people rejoice over this and I do to a point except I am not a fan of lightening. Yep, it freaks me out. And I always get so nervous during storms at night because the louder the thunder claps get the closer and brighter the lightening is and I am just a big baby when it comes down to it.


They say April Showers bring May Flowers and yes it is SO true, but for me it brings me endless nights of sleep. Usually I can fall asleep again, but I have strep and bronchitis and needless to say sleeping has been difficult the last 4 nights with a super sore throat and stuffy nose an coughing…..so much coughing….

BUT, I pride myself right now, this is my first time getting sick, like this sick since June of last year right before my wedding. Not to shabby!!

Anyway, it has literally been killing me that I have not even attempted to workout since Saturday. Us fitness enthusiasts understand that when our routines get messed up due to sickness or work issues that it stinks not getting your workouts in, but maybe it is a good time to let your body recover from the illness and the stress of work and when things die down and sickness leaves the body work back into and use it as a new beginning. This is basically what I am doing even though I had started a new routine last week and now that has been blown out of the water. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now.

Last week I bought two new Paleo cookbooks and up until Sunday evening was enjoying them very much, but I have not had much of an appetite since Sunday. But oh man! These new cookbooks are amazing! The names of the cookbooks are Make it Paleo and Make it Paleo 2. The recipes are relatively easy to do and have a ton of flavor! Needless to say, once I am feeling better I am going to be cooking up a storm!

Alright, this is a short post for today, have a good Thursday everybody and I will be back soon!



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