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Have to go slow.

Hey all, Happy Friday to you all. Every time I say I am going to post more frequently something distracts me and I don’t. It’s the truth, not going to beat around the bush about it.

Here in the Southeastern part of Wisconsin there has been an absolutely awful upper respiratory infection going around and has been affecting everybody differently. Last week on Easter Sunday I came down with what we originally thought was Strep, Bronchitis, and a sinus infection. Turns out what we thought was Bronchitis was actually pneumonia. Can you believe that?! I sure couldn’t believe it. I have never had that and cannot remember a time when I was as sick as I was last week. It was truly awful and I would not wish that on anybody. As of today the only medication I am on are two different inhalers that help due to the tightness I feel in my abdomen area. It feels like I have a weight sitting on my diaphragm or as one of my clients said, I have an elephant sitting on my chest. I agree, but maybe just a baby one.

Given that I had been that sick, working out was out of the question and being the avid crossfitter that I am, this has been a very frustrating experience for me. All I want to do right now is get back into the brand new routine I started the week before I got sick as I felt great and was doing it with my husband. It made me happy and then boom, a week and a half later I am having a hard time even working at 60% of my usually capacity before getting sick. I WANT TO LIFT HEAVY!! Is that too much to ask?! Right now, it is.

So why is it important for me to go slow right now? When you have pneumonia it affects your lungs, usually causing inflammation within the lungs, but, it is also when the alveoli of the lungs are filled with fluid. When this happens, the oxygenation that needs to happen is unable to and this leads to issues with breathing. Sometimes when a person takes a deep breath they might feel or hear a crackling noise because of this fluid in the lungs.

So with this little background in pneumonia and understanding that without proper oxygen circulation in the lungs and throughout the body it makes sense that attempting to workout at a high intensity like I am used to will not be beneficial for me. I have to go slow and give myself plenty of rest. I have done two workouts this week and I admit I wanted to punch something as even power snatching 65# felt awful and left me utterly winded.

Now, being a personal trainer, I do understand this and realize that it is not the end of the world to take time to get back into my usual routine. This is exactly what I tell my clients all the time when they come back after being super sick, is let’s ok to allow yourself to recoup first! I mean, we recommend it! Your more likely to injure yourself or become sick again if you do not give yourself time to get 100%, so I am using my advice on this one.

Have a great weekend all, I have some great recipes to share that came out of my kitchen!!




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