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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

Hey everybody, hope your week is going well! Today marks the 33rd Wedding Anniversary of the best parents in the world…my parents!!


Those are my parents. I love them so much. Last night my husband and I went to my new favorite restaurant, Harbor House. It is right now Lake Michigan with beautiful views of the Milwaukee Art Museum and where my husband used to live in Cudahy Tower. Harbor House was the place we went to for my Grad School Graduation Dinner and we all loved it so much, my mom requested we go there again. I am so happy we did.

I am not a seafood person, but since I met me husband I have tried more seafood and foods that I refused to eat before, including: sushi, clams, salmon, lobster, crab, oysters, and trout. He also taught me how to use chopsticks and to be honest I am better than the hubby. 🙂

Last night my mom ordered our table oysters and crab claws, both of which I was trying for the first time. I went with the oysters first and did well. When they say oysters are briney, they mean it! It was a little weird, but it was actually pretty good. So I had a bigger one and decided to put Tabasco on it. Did one drop too much, so it had a hotness to it, but again it was good! Then came the fun part as I tried to be like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she tries to have escargot, except I was having crab. The crab claws were pre-cut, but we still had to crack the shells to get to the crab meat on the inside. My first attempt did send some small pieces flying to my dad’s side of the table, but my mom beat me with the Pretty Woman moment…her’s hit the lady behind her and we all shared a good laugh!! I really enjoyed the crab a lot. It was not super fishy tasting and was just delicious. I also now consider myself and expert crab claw cracker.

For dinner I decided to order the Rainbow Trout Almondine and asked for the brussell sprouts instead of the red potatoes. Let me tell you, eating actual fish is a huge thing for me as I really do not like the fishy smell or flavor. My husband says that a good seafood place will cook the fish with a result of no fishy smell or super fishy flavor and he is right. My trout was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! The brussell sprouts were also to die for and the green beans that came with my dish were also so good. Halfway through dinner I had a complete blonde moment when I saw that my trout had been filleted open and there was still the fish tail attached! Yes, take a few seconds and laugh, I am the most observant person in the world….Ok, you good now? Let’s carry on.

Throughout dinner my parents and my husband I shared stories of how our relationships first started. My parents have the slight advantage as they were here when I met my husband, so they know lots of the story. I knew some of my parents story, but I did not know the whole thing and I loved hearing the story last night. My dad actually remembered most of the little details and that made me smile. I think it is usually believed that the woman in the relationship remembers every little thing, but it is not true.

We did indulge in dessert as well last night and the chef sent out to my parents a maple creme brulee. I have never tried creme brulee and this maple flavor was DYNAMITE!! I could have eaten that all by myself in like 2 minutes if given the chance. We also ordered a fudge mint brownie and carrot cake to share and those were also to die for. Definitely worth the cheat.

All in all, the only thing that would have made the night even better than it was would have been if my sister and brother-in-law had been there to celebrate with us. I have mentioned before that I miss her so much all the time right now. I do not know why it has been so bad, but maybe it has something to do with how we are growing up still so fast. We are both married now, with the two of them looking to start a family soon, while my husband and I are looking to move soon to a new house. I do not want to miss this exciting time in my sister’s life, this new journey of starting a family. I want to be there when she wants to go shopping for baby clothes because the Lord knows we are going to go insane with that and make this baby the best dressed baby out there. I also want to be there for her when she has bad days during pregnancy and post-postpartum. I also want to make sure that their baby will know who is auntie is and it’s uncle. I want to be apart of it’s life as much as possible. But, alas, we live in different states and 4.5 hours is not that far, so just knowing that I can be there relatively quickly is reassuring for me. So until we get the exciting news of the first baby arrival in our family I will just do my best to be the best sister as I can.



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