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Hope and such…

Holy cow has it been a crazy week!! The weather here in Wisconsin has slowly been improving and right now I am enjoying the breeze that is coming in the front window of my house….and suffering from the pollen too, BUT it is gorgeous outside!!


So, this week, it has been crazy. I had my last follow-up appointment with my chiropractor for my back injury and he gave me the all clear to return to my normal activities. Only thing is I am truly nervous to squat again, regardless if it is heavy or bodyweight. I figure this is a natural response to protect the area I hurt, but I also know that I need to strengthen my entire core even more to ensure that I avoid doing this again. Since my plan to start yoga the week after Easter did not follow suit because I was so sick, I plan to add that into my schedule this upcoming week and give it a shot and see if that helps me out with my mobility, help with my stress levels, and of course strengthen my body in another way besides CrossFit. I am really looking forward to it!

This week has also been filled with cleaning and packing of things in our house. I can honestly say I have never seen our house this clean before, but it has also not been this “naked”. It’s so weird! My husband and I are looking to sell our first home that we have been in for the last 4 years. It is a bittersweet time, however, we both feel that it is time to move to a larger house, with a larger yard, and begin the settling process of the time leading up to starting a family. So wish us luck, we are really excited for this big step in our lives.

This week I have also been really making a better effort to eat more strict paleo. I eat mostly 80/20, if not 90/10 paleo and on the weekends the husband and I do enjoy 24 hours of allowing ourselves cheat meals. Lately, however, we have been a little to lax in the cheat meals. With this past month been a not so good one for me in terms of workouts, I have been concerned with gaining weight and losing muscle mass. I am almost certain my muscle mass has decreased a little bit, but even though I think I look “fat”, I do not think I have gained that much weight. BUT, with me being me and let me tell you I am extremely stubborn, I have made it more of an importance to focus on eating better. So, I have been having a field day going through all of my paleo cookbooks finding new and harder recipes to try. One of the books, Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo includes meal plans for several different types of conditions, such as heart health, digestive issues, and squeaky clean paleo to name a few. I think I am going to focus on the digestive meal plan as I do suffer from IBS (runs in the family sadly), and as of late have been having some stomach and GI issues. I hope this helps me and I will share how my body feels throughout this moderate cleanse or lifestyle tune up.

To any mothers that may be reading this, I hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy your day, ok enjoy your weekend in any way you know how! Also, know that to whatever children you have, whether they are fur children or actual children, know that you are the best mother to them. You are amazing women!

Have a great weekend everybody!



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