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What a month!

Hey all, I’m back!

The month of May sure has been a roller coaster for my husband and myself. My last post dealt with me recovering from an injury and us putting our house on the market. Well, this month has turned out to be stressful, exhilarating, and terrifying. So here is what has been going on…

We put our house on the market the day before Mother’s Day and received an offer within 12 hours of doing so. We accepted that offer and for the most part it has been a steady process for us and the buyers and we are set to close on June 26th!! The only sucky part of this process is my husband and I have not yet found a house to move into. We did request a few showings of our three favorite houses and I must say, we were severely disappointed. The first house was a beautiful house built in the 1940’s and even though the current owners have done so much to make it work, it has the issues you would find in a house that age and in the long run it might be working against us to live in a house that old with that many issues. The other two houses just were not the right fit. That night I felt like crying because I was very much hoping to have walked away with a new home for my husband and I and our pets, but instead we walked away with a learning experience. So, we might be “homeless” for a little bit. I say “homeless”, but we do have a place to stay until we find the right house, so not technically homeless. We will be ok!

My back injury is getting better and better everyday. I did accidentally lift something two weeks ago the wrong way and was concerned that I had gone back to square one, but I have taken my time and everyday focus 100% on over exaggerating my movements and not putting my back into positions that hurt it. My biggest concern going into last week was if I would be able to run in the Spartan Spring Race at Miller Park for my team from work. Luckily, even though I was feeling some tightness prior to the race starting, I stretched out and just listened to my body during the race. I was able to not only finish the race, but it never hurt after the race. It was tight for about 45 minutes, but after that I never felt it tug once. THAT made me extremely happy and kept me in a positive mind-set that I did all the right things prior to the race regardless of how frustrated I got with not being able to workout how I wanted to.

During the race my husband was my buddy and he kept me cool and collected and never once did I stop or want to quit (even though my nerves were high and I wanted to puke after all the damn stairs we had to run!), he kept me going and I love him so much for being there for me. My mom and my sister also finished the race and the worked as a great team together. Niether of them has done anything like this before and I know they were both nervous about it, but they killed it! Here are some pics from before and after the race of my family and of my boss and his family!

11139974_10106201052957100_3445845742181580542_n 11330050_10106201053002010_2095736404600834114_n 11143692_10106201053051910_7724958218213531369_n 10527591_10106201989899460_5804276153806090964_n11262091_10106201052902210_4435264867905167856_n

Pics: My sister and I being our typical selves, my mom and I, my husband and I (all before the race); most of our team and my husband and I after the race!

We had a lot of fun and both my mom and sister expressed to me that they want to do this race again, so my goal of wanting them to try something new and prove to themselves they could do this worked. And I am so proud of them!

In the next few weeks my life is going to turn itself upside down…we will move out of the first house that we (the hubby and I) have lived in since 2011. We were dating when we moved in, we grew our family from just Oreo, to adding in our first cat Buttons and then the fat one Bosco. We got engaged in this house and then we got married. This house holds a lot of happy memories and a few sad ones, but this house (IMO) is a good luck charm. The people that will be moving in are lucky and hopefully will develop all sorts of new and happy memories of their own.

We are also going on vacation before we move out, such perfect timing!! Regardless, I am BEYOND excited to get away for a week. We will be in Boulder, CO from June 10th-17th and a day visit to Denver to visit some of my favorite people in the whole world too. My in-laws are both competing in the Half IronMan on June 13th, so the hubby and I and Oreo are road-tripping to CO for the week. It will be amazing and we are also hitting up CrossFit Roots twice while we are out there, so again, super pumped to get away!

I did announce via my Instagram last week that I am working on writing my own cookbook. I have been so inspired by my favorite bloggers and thought to myself that I find myself in a very happy place when I am in the kitchen. Food is something I love, especially how I eat now with Paleo. My cookbook will be a Paleo cookbook. I hope that once I figure out how to write it properly and how to publish, etc that it will be something other Paleo enthusiasts will want to add to their collection some day soon. I hope to make you all proud and excited!

Have a great day all!



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