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How is it June already?!

I am finding it so hard to believe that today is June 1st. I feel as if just a few weeks ago it was still the dead of winter and just dreaming of warmer weather….oh wait, a few weeks ago it was still cold because Mother Nature here in Wisconsin just cannot make up her mind as to what season it is. It is under 50 degrees right now here in WI and it is June 1st. Something seems very wrong with that fact.


Anyway, this past weekend was full of packing up more of our house and taking it to my parents as we still do not have a new house to move into yet. Sort of frustrating, but it is what it is. Our house is so naked, it is strange to look at the walls remembering that a certain picture has been there for the last 4 years and now it is bare. Or looking at my bookshelf (it is my bookshelf as 99.9% of the books in this house are mine), and seeing it almost empty except for my Paleo Cookbooks which I refuse to pack until the final day as those are my favorite things in the entire world! It just does not seem right. I asked my husband if he was sad to see us leave this house and he said “No, I am looking forward to something new”. I agree with him, however, I think back to all the happy memories we have had in this house. We started our relationship in this house. I moved in three months after we started dating and we haven’t looked back since. We had our dog and first cat here and then added in our second cat almost 2 years ago. We got engaged while living in this house and got married in this house, so many happy moments have happened in this house. I think of this house as a blessing as it has kept us safe and been there for us in times of need. I hope it continues to do that for the new family moving into is at the end of THIS month. That is madness!

On another note, I have been getting back into my CrossFit routine after everything I went through starting at Easter until now. On Friday I was inspired by one of the Regionals events and did some light thrusters and burpees (clearly I am insane as I wanted to do burpees and no one in their right mind would actually want to do burpees). After that workout I felt like a CrossFitter again which I haven’t felt that way since end of March. I went with the husband to the gym yesterday and felt awesome again during and after the workout. I am very proud of myself for giving myself the time I needed to heal my body as it is feeling good, maybe not 100% yet, but I am thinking about 93% right now, I feel good, just need to continue progressing according to what my body is feeling.

Coming from a trainer’s standpoint, this thought of time and healing is something I focus on when my clients injure themselves, but something for whatever reason I struggle with. I tend to think I am invincible sometimes, which I know I am not, but I am very careful to be safe in anything I do and of course boom, when it is something I do everyday, well we already know. Anyway, I always tell my clients after they have suffered an injury to rest, and listen to their bodies (not the first time I have said listen to your body) to figure out how to progress back into activities. The struggle comes in the area of wanting that instant result, as a society we want everything immediately and it does not work that way. Have patience (I am so bad at this at times), and take time. It will be ok.

The worst thing a person can do is try too quickly to push too hard after injury which results in a worse case scenario situation. Making it worse is no benefit to you!!

Alright, so lately the clients at my work have been asking about core exercises (it’s mainly women and think about it, summer is almost here, have to have those killer abs right?!). I love adding in core circuits at the end of workouts as I think it is a nice way to end the workout. That muscle burn you get in the abs that tells you “Hi, I’m your abdominal muscles and I am getting stronger and this sucksssss!” is by far the best feeling to leave the gym with (IMO), so here is a little core circuit to do at the end of your workout:

3 sets of:

3 point Plank on yours hands x :45

Russian Twists x 20 ea side

1/2 V-ups x 15

This little circuit is not that time consuming, but targets all areas of your core, so it will be a good addition! Have fun!



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