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New (almost) month, new beginnings!

Hey all, I have been away for part of this month and busy getting life figured out the rest of it! So here is a recap…..

June was full of all sorts of adventures, including my first vacation of the year, changing relationships, moving out of our first house, and starting at a new CrossFit box.

From June 10th through June 17th the husband and I went on a road trip to Boulder, CO for the Half Ironman that my in-laws did (we spectated and got fried in the sun). We took our dog Oreo with us, who had never been on that long of a road trip before and he was the best dog ever! He did well in the car ride, but was even better in Boulder. He listened and became quite the celebrity with the natives! While in Boulder we did a lot of sight seeing, hiking, and of course CrossFitting! We went to CrossFit Roots, a really fantastic gym in Boudler. Those coaches and the people there were so nice and made our time there memorable. We said right away we would be going there again next time we visit.

The Half Ironman was held on Saturday June 13th. Leading up to the race the reservoir where the swim was held had high bacteria levels, and up until Friday evening that body of water was closed. But, miraculously it was better and the swim was still on. The day of the race was hot, humid, and very sunny. I felt bad for the athletes competing that day as the race, surprisingly, was very unorganized. I can only imagine how frustrating it was when there were no signs telling them where to go at the end of the bike race, my husband and I, along with a few other people where trying our best to tell all the athletes where to go, some were thankful while some were just rude about it. At least we tried.

My father-in-law went first as his heat was 30 mins before my step-mother-in-law. We were able to see him get out of the water from his swim as he transitioned to the bike and he crushed the swim. My step-mother-in-law, also crushed the swim, however, the tracker app we were using to follow them was not working properly and we just missed her get out of the water AND we missed her transition from swim to bike. We were so upset and so hot from the sun and heat, so we waited and waited and waited and to our luck missed both of them come in from the bike too even though we were sitting right there. Needless to say, we were very frustrated at that point. We saw SMIL at the transition to the run and were able to encourage her to keep pushing forward. I should mention, this was her first race back after overcoming breast cancer and her goals were to do the race to her best ability. I am so proud of her for making the right decision as she did not finish the run. As I said, it was so hot and so humid and the run was out in the middle of nowhere with no relief from the heat. If she had continued she might have passed out from heat stroke. My FIL actually came across her as he was coming back in and finished the race with her. That is the way to do it, together. I was and still am so proud of them.

The rest of the time in Boudler we went hiking and did this crazy 7 mile hike up to the Royal Arch, this beautiful rock formation in Boulder, and we also went to Rocky Mountain National Park and spent the day driving through there and looking for woodland creatures. Yes, I did see a bear!! 🙂

This was my first vacation with the my new family with my new name and let me tell you it was a great time. They like to keep on moving and that is fun, a different dynamic than my family vacation that consists of active days and relaxation days. So, I can’t wait for the next family vacation. We did all decide that going to Colorado should become an annual thing for us and are even considering buying a vacation home for the family! So we shall see. Below are some pics from vacation…




When we got back from vacation we literally had 48 hours until we moved out of our house. We closed our house on June 26th and are in the process of building a new house in a new city that we have fallen in love with. It is an active community and just far enough away from the noise, but not too far. I cannot wait for our new beginning!

This whole moving and building thing has put me in a little bit of a stressed out mode, but my husband has been doing good in helping me reel that in. I don’t know what I would do without him.

Other things that have happened are things that needed to happen in my life at this time. Sometimes relationships change and sometimes you need to make a change to do something better for yourself. I have done both of those things and can honestly say I am happier and not stressing over them anymore. I am really looking forward to what the next few months have in store! Bring it on!

Have a great day everybody!



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