As the saying goes, “Life is too short”…

Without going into details, let me simply state that the saying of “Life is too short” could not be more true. In a blink of an eye everything you know could be gone, things can change drastically. If you or someone you know is troubled and the way they talk about life bothers you, say something to them and ask how they are feeling (if it is you, PLEASE talk to somebody). Do not think about doing something drastic. It is not worth the pain towards yourself or towards others. Your life is just as important as the person next to you. IT IS. Do NOT think otherwise.

If something is bothering you that is not as tragic as above, but is something that consumes your thoughts, is it really worth all that time and effort? As Disney so eloquently put it, LET IT GO. That is a hard statement and action for me to do, but after a few occurrences over the last month I found my voice and did it. And guess what….it feels good to not stress about those things anymore. Those things were leading me towards bad health, such as ulcers, IBS, and other autoimmune issues. That is no fun at all. So please, if it is nothing serious, let it go. Live your life to it’s fullest for YOU, not for anybody else.

This is your life, do what makes YOU happy.



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