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I’ve Got a Smile on My Face Today

Good morning everybody!

Yesterday was a tough day mentally. Someone passed away too soon and it really makes you think about life a little bit differently. Everything is so cliched these days, but you know what, those statements of living life in the moment and to the fullest and letting everything go are the best pieces of advice someone can give you. I am definitely one to talk, but over the last 2 months I have done so much more for myself than I have the last 2 years (while I was in school) and GUESS WHAT?! I’m the happiest and least stressed out than I have been in 2 years (with the exception of my honeymoon).

This whole smiling thing and doing something for myself is feeling great. The last two weeks at our new CrossFit box have been great for me. I am with people who I started this journey with and are essentially my family from the beginning and I love the support I get from them. Even the people I am just meeting, they are all super supportive and well, pretty badass. I love it.

The place we are going to now just started a new programming for us all and so far I love it. I cannot remember being this sore, BUT I also cannot remember when I have felt this good after workouts. For me, it is a good combo of strength, gymnastics, and metcon based exercises and it really gives me a good workout when done in that way. It is varied and I need that. If I just focus on strength, my endurance suffers. My gymnastics work is my weakness, so this gives me a good chance to improve that, and the metcon, is always a place for me to improve. So, yeah, loving it right now.

Everything is going ok so far for our house, this weekend we should have more info and next week might be able to take the next step forward. I just want to have a place to build and start digging a hole in the ground to make it official.

This month I plan to get back to studying for an ACSM certification that I have had on hold since I started grad school. It honestly has been difficult to get back into “studying” anything because after I was done with grad school I did not want to study anything any more ever again. Well, in my field of work, that will never happen. It is always a journey of accumulating CEU’s or CEC’s in order to upkeep out certifications and expand our knowledge base. In the end, I find it a good thing that I do actually really love to learn.

I hope you all take time today, even if it is 20 minutes to do something for yourself, I am finding that to really help me focus more as the day wears on and I struggle on focusing. Have a great day all!




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