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Always be grateful for what you have…

Last week was a bittersweet week to say the least. I won’t go into all details, but the one thing I will talk about it being grateful for what you have right now, at this very moment. For me right now I am grateful to have a roof over my head, a husband who loves me unconditionally, a wonderful family, food to eat, and to have a job. Sometimes I forget that I have a lot going for me and then something tragic happens and it snaps you back into reality. That something happened on my birthday.

My band director from college, (I went to the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities and was in the University of Minnesota Marching Band), his wife has been battling breast cancer since my senior year (circa 2007) and 8 years later, it has sadly overcome her. 8 years, let that sink in for a moment. 8 years is the age of their youngest son who was born just before she was diagnosed with cancer. 8 years is the length of some peoples’ post bachelor schooling, and 8 years is going on the length of time I have been done with my undergraduate career (almost, but not quite). She has been battling cancer on and off for 8 years. That is mind boggling. Do you know anybody as strong as that to fight that long with a cancer that tough and difficult to overcome? I am sure many of you can think of a few and I am sure you will agree with me that they are tough stuff.

However, 8 years later, and the cancer having taken over her lungs it has finally won her over? How can this be? With everything she has done, everything she has taken, why did the cancer win? Why? Why is it going to take her from her family? How is that fair to the man that was a father not only to his three boys, but to the over 300 of us in my 4 years in the UMMB and more over the last 8 years? Why?!?!

*long pause*

I hurt inside for this family. It makes me so angry that cancer doesn’t care who it affects. Again, I bet many of you understand this feeling. If you would share this story:, and just help out in sharing or donating for these kids it would mean the world to me and more so to The Diem Family. I know all of you have no idea who they are, but they are your family. They are your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, cousins, nieces, and nephews. They are you. I would not ask to help if these people did not mean anything to me, but Professor Diem made a difference in my life and I want to be there for him too.


The Diem Family in Disney World in December 2014

So, again, PLEASE do not forget what you have at this very moment because in an instant it could be turned upside down. Do not let an argument with any of your loved ones ruin any given day, no matter how bad it is. Sit down, talk it out, and move on, don’t dwell on it (I learned that last week). Tell your family you love them everyday. And just be grateful for your life. As the saying goes, Live your life to the fullest and make everyday count. Thank you to anybody that even read this, shared this story or even donated. I may not know you, but I do know you are amazing and know that life is precious.



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