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A lot on my mind today…

Good morning from Milwaukee this sunny summer morning. It has been a long week with some fun events coming up this weekend. I was very emotional in my last post and knowing me and how I am, have been emotional all week. Sharing the story of my band director and his wife and their family and how I feel for them helped me get out all the things I was feeling about the situation. A few of my band family members even said thank you for sharing those thoughts as that is how they are feeling right now too. As a whole we are sad for our director; he was our leader, our rock for most of 4 years all throughout college, and some even more than that. Being 5 hours away I feel powerless in a situation that I have no control over anyway, but there is a part in me that wishes I could be up there to give them all a hug.


Professor Diem with my twin sister and myself @ Homecoming 2010 in TCF Bank Stadium

(Me, Professor Diem, my sister)

I think that people think of band people as what they have seen in American Pie. Sure, there are some crazy, hormone ragging members, BUT for the majority we are all pretty amazing in our own ways. I could go through how each section has it’s quirks, but I will simply say that in the marching band you will encounter some of the most intelligent, most caring, and coolest people in the whole world. When you are around them for up to 12 hours in a day during Spat Camp or on game days, potentially are roommates with one or more of them, you learn about them and create those relationships with them. It’s like glue, our silly, quirky bonds are what hold us together. Over the last 7 years (since I graduated from college), many tragic events have hit my band family, some with better outcomes than others, but the one thing that has never changed is the amount of love and support the alumni and current band members give to one another. For our director, one of the guys who I was in band with, who now is a band director himself, came up with the idea to take the Summer Concert Band to the director’s house in his home town to play for his wife. This literally had me crying, not all tears of sadness, but tears of pride. To think that he wanted to do that and then have the large turnout of alumni and current band members come to play shows just how much we care about The Diem Family. The U of M Marching Band is also know as the Pride of Minnesota, this sure is a prime example of that isn’t it? I have never been more proud to say I have been apart of that in my life time.


Ok, onto another issue that has been on my mind lately. Thinking before speaking. How many times when you were little or even now have you gotten into trouble for not thinking before speaking and something bad happened as a result of that? Several, right? To this day I still will have a slip up and say something that might purposefully hurt someone and instantly regret it. My parents always would tell my sister and I to think before you speak, and lately I have been working hard to do just that. I saw this post on social media yesterday that said the following:

Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates.

Is it true? 

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?

For me, this says a lot. Besides it being true for what you are going to say, I believe this is true for our actions as well. It can be with family members, your significant others, co-workers, or even strangers, but just think if what you say or what your actions might be and how it might effect those around you. Remember that you are not the only person in this world, what you do or say will affect someone out there.

*I do just want to say that these are just my opinions and are not meant to offend anybody. If you do not agree with me, that is ok. We do not always agree with everything that everybody has to say.

This weekend my husband and I are going to our 5th Discovery World Gala and I am excited about it, however, my dress won’t zipper! Apparently since I got the dress at the end of May/beginning of June area I have increased my muscle mass and my back has gotten broader. In most cases this would not bother me, but when good money has been spent on a gorgeous dress and now it might not work and it is the day before the event, yeah, not too thrilled about it. But what can you do?

I hope you all have a great weekend, I will post some pictures of the Gala next week sometime!



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