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Hey all!

So much has gone on since my last post.

  1. The CrossFit Games were really intense this year and not for the reasons you might think. As a personal trainer, I do take the safety of my clients to the extreme level. When I coach my swimmers, it’s the same thing, safety is key. My opinion is for the CF Games this year is that the safety of the athletes was not the number one priority and that was quite disturbing for many of us loyal fans. Seeing Annie lose her balance and not have appropriate function of her legs during “Murph” was not right, even more so seeing Kara Webb’s eyes roll to the back of her head during “Murph” was scary. I understand that the CF Games are to test the physicality levels of the athletes, and that Southern California can get very warm and humid in July, BUT shouldn’t the people running the even have a back-up plan so not so many athletes get sick or injured? I know that is asking a lot when so much time and effort went into the event and changing things last minute can be hard to do in that situation, but take a note from the IOC…in Vancouver the conditions on the ski slopes were so bad at times they actually postponed events till it was safe. Sochi…..well they just had issues that entire time with the slopes, so bad example. Anyway, I really hope next year they plan a bit better to ensure the safety of the athletes. Also, maybe not have to Hero WOD’s in the same day. That seemed tough and it did get the best of a few athletes. In case you didn’t see, I believe there was about 21-25 athletes that had to drop out due to illness, but mostly injury this year. Too many in my mind, but again, that is simply my opinion.
  2. My husband and I went to our 5th Discovery World Gala in 4 years. This event was our first date in 2011. From that weekend on we have been inseparable and obviously fell in love and got married. I finally got to wear a purple dress this year, as that is my absolute favorite color. Circa to the Wednesday before the Gala. I tried my dress on to see how it fit and could not get the zipper up all the way. I was frustrated, but decided to try it on again on Thursday. Still could not get it to zip. Now I was just pissed and decided worst case scenario was to re-wear a dress from a previous year. After thinking about it more, I realized that both Wednesday and Thursday I had worked out (we had done split jerks, pull-ups, and cleans on those days), so needless to say I had a “pump” going on which was not allowing for my dress to zipper. Sadly for me it meant no workouts Friday or Saturday, I was not too happy about that, but in the end my dress worked and we looked fantastic! What made it even more fun that night was the Air Show going on down on the lakefront. I’m sure the host of the Gala was not pleased as all his guest were outside watching the planes zoom by, but oh it was so great! I love going to that event with my husband, he is by far the best company.

    My husband and I all fancy for the evening!
    My husband and I all fancy for the evening!
  3. The first weekend of August was also a big weekend for my husband and I as we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. We started off our weekend of fun with a trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo. It was pretty fun, but I was disappointed to not have seen the polar bears! I have always loved them and it was way to humid for them. Polar bears do not let off heat, they only absorb it, so they were inside staying cool. We did see all the big cats, the elephants, hippos, rhinos, wolves, birds, snakes, and all other sorts of critters. After that we tried a local Froyo in Franklin and loved it! May have gone back on Sunday for more…. The rest of the weekend consisted of us hitting up our CrossFit box for a partner WOD with our great friends, spending time with our pets and a night out on the town in Milwaukee. We stayed at the Pfister Hotel and went to our favorite restaurant Bacchus, which is one of the Bartolotta restaurants (and where we got engaged). The drinks were good, the food was amazing, and the company was top notch. Sunday morning we had a couple’s massage and a steam shower. The massage was wonderful and the steam shower was a fun experience. I felt like it was a detoxing type thing, and it turned my into a goth for a little bit. Super funny.  In the end it was a great weekend and I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for us.
  4. Speaking of the next year, we are THIS close to having a lot to build our house on! A house!! It’s insane, but a new house for us. It is extremely nerve racking, but really exciting that a new house is what is in store for us, but it will be a fun experience for our whole family!

So, lots going on here. Next week one of my friends from high school is coming back home for a visit and is coming to a WOD with me at CrossFit Muskego and I am SOO excited for that, we haven’t seen each other in years! It will be so fun. And, this weekend I believe my husband and I will be doing more idea searching for our new home, so it should be filled with lots of decorating ideas and such. Hope you all are doing great! Have a great weekend!!



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