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Remember to check your ego at the door.

Good morning all, hope your week has been good to you so far. Here in Wisconsin the weather has been warm for November standards given that our weekend weather was rainy and cold! I mean the last two days were sunshine and close to 70 degrees, that is crazy!

CrossFit this week has been insane, but in the best way possible. At my box we have the opportunity to work on extra strength or gymnastics skills prior to class starting. I really enjoy doing those because it gives me a chance to work on weaknesses or strengths and improve them. Then we have our actual workout for the day, so every morning I get my 1.5 hours in and I love that feeling.

This week in particular has been very posterior chain heavy (hamstrings, glutes, low back, etc), thus for me at least an area that I am normally really tight in when I do not do proper post-workout mobility. Having said that, today was not the best day for me, mainly in the mental department. My body was telling me to slow down and not go as heavy today, but I only listened to it half the time. During our actual WOD I started off strong, but then it came to the wall balls and hrpu’s and my ego got the best of me. I struggled big time. I was literally in tears because my oblique and low back musculature were in full spasm and I could not breathe. Yet, when people offered to me to drop wt on my wall ball I said no, I’m fine. When they said do knee push-ups to help your back, I said no, I’m good. But the thing was I was not good or fine, I was being stubborn as hell and wanting to RX a WOD today even though I should have listened to them. If your coaches (two of them mind you) tell you to drop, you drop on weight, regardless of what the weight or exercise is. THEY are the professionals and if anyone should know better it is me being a professional in the fitness industry as well. So, if any of my coaches are reading this, I am sorry for being a stubborn person this morning.

One of the rules in CrossFit that is mentioned vaguely, but never really talked about it checking your ego at the door. There is no room in CF for people to be up on their high horses, what is needed is support and an open mind. So, I have to remember that after the tough week we have had as my goal is to be my best self, not beat others or to make a point. That is my wake up call for this week.Keeping an ego at bay is not just for CF, but everything really. Work, relationships, family, etc…if your ego gets in the way it can be read as arrogance or anger. So, just be mindful.



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