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Trying to find the light or maybe a sign….anything really.

Happy Monday (ok, maybe not happy, but it is Monday so….)!

As we enter the second full week of November here in Wisconsin the weather has made another 180 and we are now in colder temps that are more suitable for late fall weather, but alarming as we just came from being in the high 60’s and now driving to work this morning it was in the high 20’s!! WTF?!?!

Over the weekend I got to hand out with one of my bff’s:

Summer 2015 (July 4th) on her boat.
Summer 2015 (July 4th) on her boat.

She is pretty amazing and we were wondering through the new Nordstrom or maybe some other store at the mall when we both referenced the Ace of Base song “I Saw the Sign”. We laughed loudly, got a few stares and carried on. It is moments like that that make me appreciate who my friends are. I have other moments with many of my friends like this, and times when we literally finish each others sentences or sense something is wrong or right. Having these great connections with those closest to me really makes me appreciate them even more. I truly love my friends, all of them. If you are reading this just know how much you mean to me.

So, signs. I really would like a sign from anywhere that something is going to finally go right with my our [husband and I] house. I’m not going to get into details, but if a sign would just present itself that would make us both happy.

I saw on the book of faces this morning from one of the Paleo people I follow a question asking where are you truly happy. I thought about that question quite a bit today. The usual stereotypical places came to mind (home, tropical places, etc.), but vacation spots are only temporary, and home is a happy place, but is too broad. As I pondered I realized that I actually have two to three places that make me truly happy. Being in the kitchen I think is my number one happy place. The smells that fill the air from the food I love to cook relaxes me and bring back old memories from my childhood and that makes me happy. My second happy place is my barbell. Now, you might be thinking that is dumb, but my barbell is a great way for me to relieve stress. Lifting heavy weights is therapeutic for me and after a workout, I can look at my barbell and be proud of what I accomplished that day. The third place, as cliched as it might sound is right in my husband’s arms. Whether it is a hug or cuddling up on the couch watching a movie, being there makes me feel safe and loved. I would not want to be anywhere else.

So think about it for yourself, what makes you happy? Is it something you do or someplace? Once you figure it out, make sure to work it into your daily routine.


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